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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bunching Update

So, I had some serious Bunching issues.
And, as always, the sisterlock community came to my aid with helpful tips and suggestions.

I am happy to report I have picked out my ends that were bunched and braided them down to almost the ends. I took a safety pin and started my way up kneading the lock until it was loose. I only picked out the bunched part of the lock. I also pull the locks apart some people call it popping the locks. When I do this, I also pull down to eliminate bunching. But I caution you to only do this when your hair is dry. I did this when my hair was wet and lost the end of one of my locks.

I think the bunching was caused by neglect (allowing it to bunch), my hair texture, and using shampoos that contain ingredients that detangle allowing more loose hair out of the lock in areas where the pattern wasn't as tight. Right now, my consultant uses a 3. I think I will ask her to switch back to a reverse four until my locks mature. Any insights on that idea?

So, I just got my hair retightened and how it shows! LOL! But the bunching is gone. I am on track for more even locks although I think my hair texture will always give it that organic vibe.

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Allecia said...

Glad to hear the bunching has improved since your retightening.