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Friday, June 27, 2008

Answers for Those Contemplating Sisterlocks

At the last meet and greet, many of the womyn had questions about the Sisterlocks. Today as I was getting gas (and crying LOL!), I met a woman with a beautiful afro that said she was ready to explore locks after 20 years of natural hair. Wow! She looked really healthy and way younger than her true age. I gave her my consultants cell and asked her to come to the site and provided my blog. I decided to do this post to answer the questions she asked and that were raised at the last meet up.

How can you find out about Sisterlocks? What are Sisterlocks?

Here is a photo of Sisterlocks.

You can find out about Sisterlocks by visiting the website. Sisterlocks are locks which are smaller than traditional locks, have excellent parting, and have been reinforced with an interlocking method to start and maintain the lock. You must be certified to install Sisterlocks. All of the certified consultants appear on the site.

How do you wash Sisterlocks/ how often?

This is how you should: Once they mature, you can wash them as normal. Until then, you are supposed to braid and band them to prevent unraveling and bunching. You are also supposed to use the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo until your locks mature.

This is what I do:I wash my hair much differently. I am not suggesting you do what I did because my locks are not as uniform and have experienced some bunching. I discarded the bands after the first wash and as soon as I ran out of Sisterlocks shampoo, I switched back to Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo (my pre Sistrlocks shampoo). Then, I found that to be too silky so I switch to Ganier for oily hair because it kind of roughens the cuticle without being too harsh. I also use a body and hair bar sometimes that I got from Whole Foods awhile back.

What is bunching?

Bunching is when the Sisterlocks become fuzzy and begin to lock in a more traditional way and look less even and knotted. If you look at the labels on the left, you will see a bunching post and an update on bunching.

Are all Sisterlocks small?

Yes! All Sisterlocks are small. The size of Sisterlocks is based on a parting size established by Dr. Joanne Cornwell. Depending on where your locks are in the process and the hair texture you have, the lock may appear larger or smaller than your part.

You can have Brotherlocks which are only slightly larger like Consultant Amba's son.

I have checked some blogs out, and I keep seeing the number of Sisterlocks coming up. What significance does the number have?

In my honest opinion, The Sisterlocks number doesn't matter as much as people may think. All Sisterlock wearers have between 300-800 locks. The number has to do with the size of your head and how far your hair grows down on your forehead and neck, hair texture, hair density, and parting size. Your consultant will discuss your particular head of hair in order to best suit you and your needs. There is nothing wrong with having an idea about what you want but your locks won't look exactly like anyone else's Sisterlocks.

In the picture below one of these consultants has close to 400 Sisterlocks and the other consultant has closer to 800.

Do you know which has more? Is it obvious?

Well, not to me. So that's why the focus should be on what's best for you. To me, all properly maintained locks look beautiful.

How many Sisterlocks do you have?

I figured you'd ask. LOL! I have about 500 give or take because I have had some locks combined and split.

What did your hair look like when you first got them?

When will my hair grow and drop (as far as length)?

It depends on your rate of growth and the length you start with initially.

My hair grows fast but I have a lot of shrinkage because my hair is locking. It looks more curly now because my locks are locking and less straight.
Shrinkage is when your hair looks shorter than when you first started.

Not everyone experiences this, I think this is based mostly on hair texture. Your hair will grow and won't shed like loose hair.

Just look at Cluizel and Onyx Cherry's growth. I don't think they experienced shrinking.

Please feel free to ask me questions but I am NOT a Sisterlocks consultant. The best thing to do is to get as much feedback as possible and make your decision from there. Good luck on your natural hair journeys!


Onyxcherry said...

Thanks for linking my blog Sophia, now I have to post some new pictures.

To answer the woman's question from my point of view, I have experienced shrinking although I call it condensing (when my pattern loosens and the hair falls into the coil and starts to resemble a lock). For every six inches of growth I will realize about 4 inches of actual added length. It's harder to see because I started with short hair but it's still happening.

blackrussian said...

Excellent post! Good Answers.

Kinky Awakenings said...

hey sis,

you answered her questions like a true professional.
you have some great pics of the hair show too!


muslimahlocs said...

great post! i am sure someone out there will benefit from this information.

Meikmeika said...

Great Post!!!

SeZ said...

This is very informative and I learned a couple of things again Sophia. Thank you for posting this.

Cluizel said...

Great post!

Thanks for the link...I don;t know what my hair was doing (lol) I just know it grows alot...I don't remember any shrinkage

Kim said...

Does anyone have an idea on how to make Sisterlocks shine. I have had my SL's since April 2008. Thank you!

Kim said...

Do you know how I can add shine or luster to my SL's. I have had them since April 2008. Thank you!

Danielle said...

I have sever dry scalp that requires medication and frequent washing.

How long do you have to wait before you can wash your hair after you have them done?