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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WTF? Why is This Boy Not Punished

Update: Allecia blogged about it. He has gotten into trouble again. Geesh!

7 year old in trouble again

I know many of you have seen it already. But for those of you who have not please prepare for this mind-blowing 7 year old. I know I am not a parent, but this would definitely call for a good lashing. What do you think?


SistaLocd said...

Wow! Unbelievable!
Yep he deserves several good lashings. I would defitnitely probably in somebody's jail!
Kids are crazy these days, and he thinks his ounishment should be no video games for a week? Is he serious? He is lucky to still have his hands and feet!

Allecia said...

I hadn't seen that. Grandma needs to give him a good beating once the cameras are gone.

Meikmeika said...

No videos for a week?!!? You know grandma took care of him when they got home..I know I would have if I were her. WOW!!

Bygbaby said...

Oh yeah, I saw this last week & he needs his ass beat like he ran away from the plantation.

He seems so proud & that is sad.

Where is the mom, where is the dad & why do we have to ask these questions???

He needs some male intervention before he is too far gone with his mannish behavior.

The other tripped out piece is that the police want to get him "in the system" to get him help. Do you need to be in the "system" to really get help???

Sad case all the way around but at least no one was hurt.


Sogolocs said...

Unfortunately, he needed some directions and correction a long time ago. He is one confused child. Hopefully they will seek help for him and get his issues corrected. He is a danger to society with that behavior. Sadly, a lot of children are wayward like that. Lack of love, guidance and the necessary correction. With love, correction is not abuse. The Bible says not to spare the rod.

ingridspeak said...

well Damn. He wanted to do "hood rat things" with his friends. His momma needs the beat down.

@ bygbaby "needs his ass beat like he ran away from the plantation" Funniest line I read all week! HA!

Allecia said...

Here's the latest on this boy.

CarmenNC said...

I was just on another blog saying I want a baby. I need every contraceptive on the market. Forget that, I'm abstaining. I would beat the belly off that kid. He is BAD, BAD, BAD. Such a shame. The police should have taken him to jail like those 'hoodrats' he wants to be like. I would have him going to jails when they have ex-inmates doing mentoring programs. Just take him to a half-way house.

Penny said...

Wow he said he wants to do "hood rat things". What in the heck are we teaching this kids. He is @#$% backwards. What do we expect when its cool to sing "I'm so hood".