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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Naturally Sophia and the Funky Bunch

My hair is locking rather largely at the ends especially in the back and middle. I have stopped combing the ends out, but now it's really bunched on the ends in some places on my head. It looks like I have micros at the scalp and big buds at the ends.

I am concerned now about the bunching. Should I comb the ends still? I spoke to a consultant about the bunching when I was only anticipating it, she said that I should know that bunching is a part of the locking process. But is it?

I started to pick up the scissors and cut the buds out, but then I imagined my hair unraveling all over and decided to put them down...also considering I have had the impulse to cut them out, I just have removed the scissors for my view around the house.

But what's a sistah to do? These locks are looking a little too wild and unkempt for the investment I've made. I'm seeking advice especially from the Sisterlock consultants reading. Thoughts?


muslimahlocs said...

greetings sophia, naturally this is a relatively easy fix. your consultant should be able to repair the ends, without taking the locks out, and show you how to do it yourself in a matter of minutes. if she does not know how she she be able to call the home office or the person who trained her for a refresher as this is covered in the class.
my hair did this quite a bit in the initial stages but that was over twelve years ago so although my memory may be shaky...i know that i did not cut or have the ends cut off.

Sogolocs said...

Is it because of your hair texture ? I started with relaxer and my ends never bunched that much. I always pulled on them at the ends after shampooing. I never had any problems with bunching just got tired of the two textures. I hope your consultant will research and solve that issue for you.

dewdrop said...
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dewdrop said...

I just find it strange that some of the bunching is in the middle of the lock itself rather than at the end. I haven't seen anyone's locks bunch along the shaft like that unless they colored, over-styled their baby locks (ex: too many ponytails/updos too early in the process), or had permed ends. I would get a 2nd opinion from another consultant just because if you have a hunch that something is not right, it probably means that you are right about it.

Naturally Sophia said...

Hey Dewdrop and Muslimahlocs and Sogolocs.

The natural hair show was this weekend, and I got a great recommendation on the bunching.

My consultant that did my retightening said to pick it out; and Carol,from Coils n Curls, said that I should bring my locks down to the end if possible. Another consultant suggested very rigorously picking out the bunching.

No one advised cutting the bunching out which is what I planned. They said that my hair will unravel.

I have decided to pick it out and braid it to the ends for now. I'll post picks of the before and after. Stay tuned...

SeZ said...

Did you ever use a hot curler or presser on your locks? I was told by a girl that had locks where she had used a hot curler in the beginning stages and later that what happened to hers. She had to get them combed out and relocked.

dewdrop said...

When I had several locks with bunched ends due to coloring, I just picked them out and braided the rest. You can't even tell now because they blend in so well with the rest of my locks. You'll be fine. Glad that you had fun at the hair show! Looking good! :-)

CarmenNC said...

That's some serious bunching. Are those gaps in the locks or light shining off of them?

Naturally Sophia said...

The ones that you are referring have teeny, tiny gaps.
Any tips?

CarmenNC said...

Since it's a lot of different things going on - gaps and bunching start to act up again, slide the lock down with a push pin/something small with a point, and retighten. Since you have relaxed ends if you cut off the bunching now and the rest of the hair is not mature, it will keep doing the same thing. Or you can cut down to your natural hair and The key is prevent it from happening or at least not as bad as it can get. You can do that by keeping stitches/pattern tight even if you have to slide and retighten the problem ones once a week.

It's a bit more work than I expected to have to do with locks, but my hair is special like that. I have to monitor my own to prevent slippage, unraveling, and bunching.

Naturally Sophia said...

Hey Carmen!

First let me tell you I greatly appreciate your feedback as you do awesome work as a consultant in training.

But I have NEVER had a relaxer. I will take your other suggestions as my hair is naturally straight with a loose curl pattern. Thanks again!

cheleski68 said...

did this get resolved..yikes!i remembr brunsli had this problem alot.
i also relatched if i had this problem

Sabriya said...

Hi Naturally Sophia-

Carmen NC forwarded me your blog and told me about your problem. Have you resolved the issue or are you still in need. I'm a consultant in training in the Atlanta area and would to help you out.


dreamangel75 said...

Oh! I am going through this too. Some of my locks are bunching. My consultant recommend me to stretch the area of bunching. I appreciate the many tips mentioned in this comment section.

Bajan Lily said...

It's almost 2 years since you posted this but I am glad you did.

My locks look just like THAT! (And no I don't have permed ends and the bunching occurs at the ends AND in the middle - wherever it feels like).

I have been uhmming and awwing and wondering what to do about it - it's really beginning to upset me (I'm 10 months in)...


Reading that you combed them out and plait the ends has given me hope. So I am off to find a comb too :) Thanks!