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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Atlanta Natural Hair Show 2008

The Natural Hair Show was this weekend. I missed the Sisterlocks luncheon. "Hated It." I missed my opportunity to meet Goodnapps in person and countless others as I didn't see many bloggers at the show.
I did see Carole Pearson of Coils N Curls. She has amazing spirit and very similar hair texture and density. I officially have severe lock envy. I hope my locks mature as evenly, small, and consistently beautiful as her have. She has fullness for days; Love the volume! She also has an amazing spirit and is very kind she gave me a poster with an original song she wrote. I will post this in another entry.

I did purchase lock loops. I will give my reviews on them as soon as I use them.

But I did meet (drum roll) Queen Afua . She is wonderful and actually said she was thinking of getting Sisterlocks. Wow! She recommended that I do her 21 day program which is similar to the 21 day Martha's Vineyard fast as a treatment for PCOS. Anyhow, I purchased her newest book and received it autographed. I haven't decided what I want to do, but the conference call was tonight. It started an hour late and was very product intensive. I think, since fasting is all natural, one shouldn't need to purchase products from company x or z. I know you need juicers. But what's the difference between buying supplements from the store or a particular group. Thoughts? Anyone have detox tips?

The lovely style I am rocking was created by Chikodi (top) and retightened by Julia (bottom). I love this style.

The hair show featured an entertaining presentation on natural hair through history starting with Adam and Eve, many vendors that offered one of a kind jewelry and natural products, and of course the competition. I purchased Jamaican Mango & Lime Shine-A-Loc for the gloss factor as well as Jane Carter Solutions Nourish which contains shea butter for my loose ends.

But back to the hair show/competition:
At this years show, 3rd place went to this stylist and model; I think the stylist's name is Marva.

The 2nd place went to the amazing stylist duo Thando Kafele and Amber.

But the 1st place went to NaturalTrend Setters. They were a diverse group who showed a model with relaxer for the first time in show history, a model with natural looking extensions, and the trophy winning mane of beautifully styled traditional locks.

Enjoy the slide show! More photos later so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Naturally Sophia and the Funky Bunch

My hair is locking rather largely at the ends especially in the back and middle. I have stopped combing the ends out, but now it's really bunched on the ends in some places on my head. It looks like I have micros at the scalp and big buds at the ends.

I am concerned now about the bunching. Should I comb the ends still? I spoke to a consultant about the bunching when I was only anticipating it, she said that I should know that bunching is a part of the locking process. But is it?

I started to pick up the scissors and cut the buds out, but then I imagined my hair unraveling all over and decided to put them down...also considering I have had the impulse to cut them out, I just have removed the scissors for my view around the house.

But what's a sistah to do? These locks are looking a little too wild and unkempt for the investment I've made. I'm seeking advice especially from the Sisterlock consultants reading. Thoughts?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where Is My Receipt by Nfared

My cousin wrote this piece awhile ago. I wanted to share it with you. Here is the video, the poem starts 4 minutes into it. His intro was just a warm-up to the spoken word piece "Where Is My Receipt?". I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Atlanta Sisterlocks Meet-Up Potluck

The Atlanta Sisterlocks meet-up group had a potluck this weekend. I made Trini Macaroni Pie and some great new friends. docs locs and Onyx Cherry were in attendence along with Amba , who was most gracious for allowing us to visit her home.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Erykah Badu and How to Make It in the Music Industry

You may have seen this already, but I couldn't resist adding it to the blog. Just as I was searching for an Erykah Badu concert ticket, I came across this. LMAO!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Naturally, Sophia May Do the Big Chop with the Big Move


Hey there blogger land! Lol! I think I want to cut it all off similar to the model here (photo credits to Why? you might ask. It just doesn't feel free anymore. I have grown a little weary of always having to explain my hair to admirers and inquirers. In addition, I am tired of the judgment that comes with the hairstyle, both negative and positive. I just want to be free. For instance, I love my Sisterlock sisters but do not agree with many of the predominant views in the locked community in general. People see my hair and assume I am identical in thinking to some persons with locked hair. Maybe I am finally over my hair or realize that I am not my hair. I feel locks in my hair has somehow locked my personality and freedom. This is just a gut feeling! ALTHOUGH I can be impulsive, I don't know that I will get the nerve to grab the scissors.

Oh and the big move? Well, I was asked if I wanted to do yet another position in Miami with my company. The next day, the initial hiring manager told me the first position had never been cancelled but rather delayed until spring. My manager told me it had cancelled. Mistake or strategy? You decide. Anyway, I took my house off the market at the time. I am working on getting it back into real estate listings by tomorrow. Now I think I want to rent it out via Section 8. Not my first instinct, but I am very eager to move. I really don't want to get rid of the property but I want a change in pace. the benefits of taking this job greatly outweigh the cons at this point. Keep me in your prayers please and share your thoughts. :)