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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Atlanta Tornado

How masterful is God's grace? God's mercies endure forever. No one was killed or died in Atlanta as a result of the storm. I visited downtown Atlanta today. Not every area was hit with the tornado on Friday night/early Saturday morning. But the areas that were hit, looked like the above photo*. The damages are estimated at $150 million. In addition, I visited an area call Cabbagetown which had homes completely flattened. I saw lofts very near Downtown with all the windows and sky scrapers blown out, people with no power, and trees across rooftops and streets. I appreciate the prayers and well wishes I have received in regard to my safety and my family's well-being. I am happy to report that I have no property damage, and all my family, including those who live closest to the area, experienced no injuries or damage. I prayed in thanks that every one's life in the whole city was spared.
*The above photo is from Atlanta Journal Constitution.*


Sogolocs said...

Yes, God's mercy endure forever. I am thankful that you are safe and from harm's way. I can not imagine the terror or fear from a tornado.
I called my grandparents to make sure they were safe too. God will continue to protect and provide.

Blessings to you

Goodnapps said...

OMG - I had no idea such a storm was brewing in Atlanta. That is wonderful you and your loved ones weathered the storm with little to no damage.