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Sunday, March 16, 2008

6 Things I Love about Sisterlocks

I am writing this as to not seem one-sided on Sisterlocks. Afterall, I love my sisterlocks and the locs of you who have locs reading this blog. The things I love about Sisterlocks outweigh my dislikes about them. This is why I chose Sisterlocks: because I love them. Here's why:

1. I love the styling variety of Sisterlocks. Because the locks are small, you can style as intricately as you can with loose hair. We have all seen pictures and perhaps in person, the awesome styles that can be created with Sisterlocks. You can curl them. They can be wore straight or in a freestyle. The updos are amazing and don't take nearly the amount of time as it would with loose hair. And the hair accessories look outstanding on my Sisterlocks that used to get lost in my loose hair. At the top of my hair wish list are Tomika Twists and Brunsli Hair Ties.

If you would like to get some ideas and inspiration for Styling with Locks, please visit Here, an awesome Brooklyn natural hair salon site or Here, Jacqueline's(my intitial install consultant)photo gallery of natural hair shows .

2. I love how each individual head of Sisterlocks are unique! With Sisterlocks, no 2 heads are alike. There are no two textures that are exactly. This means those that have Sisterlocks will wake up with a customized look everyday. Also, we all have differences in size of locs, pattern, hair color, density and volume. This automatically debunks the myth of only 2 hair textures among people of color, "the myth of good and bad hair". With Sisterlocks, it's so obvious to see all the range of hair textures and the beauty and nuances in each head.

3. I love how having Sisterlocks has been a catalyst to being natural for many sisters that would have not contemplated locs or natural hair with any other method. One sister blogger, e-mailed me on how great Sisterlocks has been in easing her transition from relaxer. I honestly never thought of it that way before, myself never having had a relaxer. From engaging with womyn with Sisterlocks, I have found many started making natural choices in other areas of their life. I do not agree that Sisterlocks caused the change. But their is certainly a correlation between a natural hairstyle and a natural lifestyle. This correlation exist no matter what natural hair method people have. But the thing to note about Sisterlocks, is that it provides an opportunity to transition gradually which is a need that many womyn have.

4. I love waking up and rocking my freestyle. Before Sisterlocks, in order to freestyle my hair, I had to detangle once a week and deep condition at least 3 times a week. This was time consuming weekly and difficult in the winter months. But now I can literally roll out of bed, into the shower( I still don't wear a cap), and out of the door. Dr. Cornwell said that she thought all sisters would style their hair in the beginning of Sisterlocks because she did and still does. But she also came to recognize the beauty and importance of the freestyle. Always having natural hair, locks are the best in terms of no daily/weekly maintenance required. Sisterlocks especially look styled and polished withOUT daily manipulation. I love it!

5. I love the Sisterlock/Brotherlock community of outstanding, professional, and unique people I have come to know. Although I feel we may disagree with one another from time to time, there is a family of sorts of those with this locks especially with this method. I think this has happened because it is driven by consultants who do good or poor work. There is no in between. As a result, we, with the hairstyle, have to get to know each other for feedback, tips, and to find a recommended consultant in our area. Along the way, we begin to know more and more people. Personally, the more people I know, the greater the opportunity to care about them, their families, and their lives. I have made so many friends that I would not have met if it wasn't for my journey to Sisterlocks. I have come to know and love them all. I love that Sisterlocks has given me the opportunity join a network of strong people of color.

6. I love how Sisterlocks can be a Do-It-Yourself style. After the initial install and follow-up, you can be completely independent in maintaining your hair. This is yet another option with Sisterlocks. I love options! You can do all your retightening, grooming, and styling yourself. How great is that!? A completely self sufficient hairstyle is your option with Sisterlocks. I know this is not right for everybody as it is time consuming and takes practice. But there are some beautiful women with sisterlocks who DIY. If you would like to see 3 beautiful womyn that instantly come to mind check out Mel, Leighann, and Brenda.


muslimahlocs said...

i love wearing my hair "freestyle". that's funny what you mentioned about dr. c and styling. it's true!

Meikmeika said...

-I need to visit those sites you've listed about styling options.

-Before my install I scoured the web looking for mature Sisterlocked heads to get an idea of how mine would appear. But every Sisterlocked head is different. Whether it be by texture, thickness or size......

-I myself am one of the fortunate ones who got to experience my hair with chemicals, with braids, with loose natural hair and now with locks. I can also understand older women who may choose to go directly to locks from the perm as opposed to trying the loose hair out. I remember how much I had to fight with my hair and grease and water wasn't cutting it. As much as I Loved my loose hair, Sisterlocks has helped with my sanity. But I'm still very grateful for the loose natural experience...

-I so adore the Sisterlock Blog Community! I don't know what I would do without you guys!

Ayo said...

You've said it all. A'se, A'se, A'se!