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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I See the God(dess) in You

Awhile back I was walking down a sidewalk (in my head like Naomi Campbell or Ms. Jay from top model), and a guy said "Ayy (ATL style) Goddess". I stopped and said hello but continued on my way. I received the compliment again recently from a woman and introduced myself as Sophia. She stated, " How fitting" in a smooth, pleasant way.

I replayed the conversation a few times in my mind. I started thinking about people as gods and people as spirits. I also thought about the connection between my name and the spiritual world. Well, I found out a wealth of info that I had only skimmed in the past. My name can be translated as goddess of wisdom. How wonderful of my mom to give me such a powerful name! You can click Here for some of the info I found.

Mainly, I don't feel like I am living up to my name. I mean there are endless ways I can be wiser. There are so many people I can help. Don't goddesses help lots of people? Am I really living my purpose? Do I love my neighbor as myself? Do I thank God the way I should? I want to live my days and nights that show praise and honor to God.

I feel a readiness for spiritual growth at this point in my life on scale not present before. At this transitional point, I want to express the goddess in me at every opportunity I have.

What does a human goddess look like to you? Do you see the God in you?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sisterlocks Meet and Greet- Atlanta

Yesterday, I drove through hail to get to the Sisterlocks Atlanta meet and greet. I had an amazing time. I met many of the Sisterlocks bloggers in the area and saw some wonderful styling.
This was my first time meeting Dr. Cornwell. She was very gracious and actually complimented my hair asking me who installed them! Wow! I couldn't have smiled bigger. We all know that Dr. Cornwell has beautiful Sisterlocks; but in person, they are even more spectacular:

I also got a chance to meet some Sisterlock bloggers. Here I am with Onyx Cherry and Knotsnlocks .

I also got a chance to meet Amba on the right:

Angela on the left is a super sweet realtor that I met there.

I was complimented on the size and parting of my locs. Most people assumed that I had relaxer because of the sheen and straightness of my locs. I got many questions on how to achieve the flipped look. I used marcel irons to curl my ends, but the same thing could be accomplished with a roller set.

Here are the rest of my photos from the meet and greet. Everyone was super nice and some great styles were created there on the spot.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

6 Things I Love about Sisterlocks

I am writing this as to not seem one-sided on Sisterlocks. Afterall, I love my sisterlocks and the locs of you who have locs reading this blog. The things I love about Sisterlocks outweigh my dislikes about them. This is why I chose Sisterlocks: because I love them. Here's why:

1. I love the styling variety of Sisterlocks. Because the locks are small, you can style as intricately as you can with loose hair. We have all seen pictures and perhaps in person, the awesome styles that can be created with Sisterlocks. You can curl them. They can be wore straight or in a freestyle. The updos are amazing and don't take nearly the amount of time as it would with loose hair. And the hair accessories look outstanding on my Sisterlocks that used to get lost in my loose hair. At the top of my hair wish list are Tomika Twists and Brunsli Hair Ties.

If you would like to get some ideas and inspiration for Styling with Locks, please visit Here, an awesome Brooklyn natural hair salon site or Here, Jacqueline's(my intitial install consultant)photo gallery of natural hair shows .

2. I love how each individual head of Sisterlocks are unique! With Sisterlocks, no 2 heads are alike. There are no two textures that are exactly. This means those that have Sisterlocks will wake up with a customized look everyday. Also, we all have differences in size of locs, pattern, hair color, density and volume. This automatically debunks the myth of only 2 hair textures among people of color, "the myth of good and bad hair". With Sisterlocks, it's so obvious to see all the range of hair textures and the beauty and nuances in each head.

3. I love how having Sisterlocks has been a catalyst to being natural for many sisters that would have not contemplated locs or natural hair with any other method. One sister blogger, e-mailed me on how great Sisterlocks has been in easing her transition from relaxer. I honestly never thought of it that way before, myself never having had a relaxer. From engaging with womyn with Sisterlocks, I have found many started making natural choices in other areas of their life. I do not agree that Sisterlocks caused the change. But their is certainly a correlation between a natural hairstyle and a natural lifestyle. This correlation exist no matter what natural hair method people have. But the thing to note about Sisterlocks, is that it provides an opportunity to transition gradually which is a need that many womyn have.

4. I love waking up and rocking my freestyle. Before Sisterlocks, in order to freestyle my hair, I had to detangle once a week and deep condition at least 3 times a week. This was time consuming weekly and difficult in the winter months. But now I can literally roll out of bed, into the shower( I still don't wear a cap), and out of the door. Dr. Cornwell said that she thought all sisters would style their hair in the beginning of Sisterlocks because she did and still does. But she also came to recognize the beauty and importance of the freestyle. Always having natural hair, locks are the best in terms of no daily/weekly maintenance required. Sisterlocks especially look styled and polished withOUT daily manipulation. I love it!

5. I love the Sisterlock/Brotherlock community of outstanding, professional, and unique people I have come to know. Although I feel we may disagree with one another from time to time, there is a family of sorts of those with this locks especially with this method. I think this has happened because it is driven by consultants who do good or poor work. There is no in between. As a result, we, with the hairstyle, have to get to know each other for feedback, tips, and to find a recommended consultant in our area. Along the way, we begin to know more and more people. Personally, the more people I know, the greater the opportunity to care about them, their families, and their lives. I have made so many friends that I would not have met if it wasn't for my journey to Sisterlocks. I have come to know and love them all. I love that Sisterlocks has given me the opportunity join a network of strong people of color.

6. I love how Sisterlocks can be a Do-It-Yourself style. After the initial install and follow-up, you can be completely independent in maintaining your hair. This is yet another option with Sisterlocks. I love options! You can do all your retightening, grooming, and styling yourself. How great is that!? A completely self sufficient hairstyle is your option with Sisterlocks. I know this is not right for everybody as it is time consuming and takes practice. But there are some beautiful women with sisterlocks who DIY. If you would like to see 3 beautiful womyn that instantly come to mind check out Mel, Leighann, and Brenda.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Atlanta Tornado

How masterful is God's grace? God's mercies endure forever. No one was killed or died in Atlanta as a result of the storm. I visited downtown Atlanta today. Not every area was hit with the tornado on Friday night/early Saturday morning. But the areas that were hit, looked like the above photo*. The damages are estimated at $150 million. In addition, I visited an area call Cabbagetown which had homes completely flattened. I saw lofts very near Downtown with all the windows and sky scrapers blown out, people with no power, and trees across rooftops and streets. I appreciate the prayers and well wishes I have received in regard to my safety and my family's well-being. I am happy to report that I have no property damage, and all my family, including those who live closest to the area, experienced no injuries or damage. I prayed in thanks that every one's life in the whole city was spared.
*The above photo is from Atlanta Journal Constitution.*

Friday, March 14, 2008

Would You Do This 3 Times?

Would you stick this thru your nostril 3 times?

I don't know if I will or not. The first time I got it done was last fall, but the piercer fitted the ring to snugly and had to pierce it again. Now, I had the flu around a month ago and could not blow my nose over and over again with the piercing. So, I took it out and it closed up in 2 days. I like my nose ring, but I don't know if it's worth the expense, maintenance, or pain involved although I like the look of it usually. Thoughts?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tagged! 6 Things that Happened This Year

The Rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you. I was most recently tagged by Wendi aka "Wendosa" , Ebony , and dewdrop. Thanks Ladies!
2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Because I think we have all been tagged, I am not naming specific people to tag. But if you haven't, please accept this invitation and consider yourself tagged.
5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I found out that I have anemia. This is something that my mother has always said. However, this is the first time I have been diagnosed. I have been negligent in making the healthy transition to a vegan diet. I have not taken my supplements at all this week. Plus, I have not eaten nearly enough food containing vitamin C, iron, B12, and folic acid. I am working on a better plan to make sure I am getting all the nutrients I need.2. I am making the transition to vegan. It is a hard journey because I love cheese. I have stopped eating everything with animal products except cheese. I am searching for a realistic tasting cheese substitute. So far, my search has been unsuccessful.

3. I have lost weight. I went from a size 16 to a size 12 last month. I have been more active, but mainly I don't eat junk anymore. No white flour, no white anything, no processed foods, and definitely no meat at all.

4. I am converting a bedroom in my basement to a closet. I am purging lots of clothes, but I think the space could best be used for my things. Since I have the room, why not. Mostly, the space just has boxes that are still unpacked. I want to have everything out in the open. With only things that don't need to be iron, folded in my bedroom dressers. I have some really cool ideas for the space. If you have some ideas, please share them. The room also has a large closet. Well, I know I definitely want spiral racks and a cool shoe chair like this.

5. I am not going to Miami. My company cancelled the position and ended my mojito filled dreams of swimming in the ocean right on South Beach. Well, I like Atlanta too; and I don't have to sell my house which was turning into an overwhelming project.

6. For the first time ever, I have a 401K. Could I be an official adult now? Well, my parents say not until I'm 26. lol!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tagged! 6 Things I Don't Like about Sisterlocks

I was tagged like 4 times. How flattered I am that 4 separate people would be interested in random things about me. Thanks blogger friends. Well here is the 3rd installment of the tagged posts. I will post the rules and the people that invited me in the next post.

1. I don't like the descriptions of Sisterlocks as a lifestyle. I think that it is pretentious and only feeds into stereotyping. For example, people look at a hairstyle and make assumptions about that person. Like you might see a woman with a poorly styled, multi-colored weave and assume she is ghetto. You might assume a man with an Afro is revolutionary or that dreads are bohemian. While it's true that there may be a correlation between certain hairstyles and lifestyles, the hairstyle is NOT a lifestyle. It would be stereotypical and very assuming to think the Sisterlocks hairstyle would indicate anything about my attitude towards life.

Here is the difference between the 2:

a lifestyle- A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group

a hairstyle: A style in which hair is cut or arranged

2. I don't like the dichotomy between Sisterlocks consultants. It seems they are divided group with many of them doing great work and with others doing horrible, unprofessional, large, and uneven Sisterlocks. I would like all Sisterlocks consultants to be as thorough and consistent as Julia.

3. I don't like the fact permed hair can be Sisterlocked. Having natural hair all my life and traditional locks before, I can definitely say, in my honest opinion, I feel everyone should have the luxury of feeling their natural hair before it's locked. It is a liberating experience and a wonderful way to get to know your own hair. I know that many would not have Sisterlocks if they had to cut their perm first, which I think is wonderful. I feel if you aren't ready to part with your perm, locks (of any sort) are not best for you. Permed locks is so counter intuitive.

4. The Sisterlocked snobs are annoying. Snob meaning a person who believes himself or herself an expert or connoisseur in a given field and is condescending toward or disdainful of those who hold other opinions or have different tastes regarding this field. Women that criticize for DIY locks or using the Nappy Locs tool tend to get on my nerves. The term "Step Sisterlockz" comes to mind. WTH? To the snobbish sorts I would say maintaining your own hair is tedious enough please keep your rules off my head. I appreciate your concern and understand your opinion, but if you are this fanatical over a hairstyle maybe you have some deeper issues and self-reflection is needed. Besides if a certifed Sistelock consultant installed them in the method taught by Dr. Cornwell, then you have Sisterlocks regardless of how anyone else feels.

5. I really don't like all the legal cases between Sisterlocks and other tool methods. Before first getting Sisterlocks, I was quite rigorously researching the difference between Sisterlocks and Nappylocs and Twistylocks. On the Nappylocs site, they reported a victory against Sisterlocks. On the Sisterlocks site, they reported a victory against Nappylocs. What was I to do? I just wanted info on small locks not to read through pages and pages of court documents. Ugh! I thought why is Sisterlocks trying to monopolize the the industry of locks made from tools. Well I read further and found out that both of the women in the other companies took the Sisterlocks class and changed the design a bit to start their own companies. What is illegal about that? Isn't that the American way? If you worked at Subway ( no owned a Subway franchise)* and then started your own deli, would that be illegal? Of course not! The court victories all over the websites don't contribute to the natural hair community uniting. There is enough hair for everybody involved to be happy. What's with all the fighting? The Sisterlocks name is a trademark. That's it. There is nothing illegal about using other tools to maintain your hair.

6. People with traditional locks that want to argue about Sisterlocks, need to stop that right now! I am so tired of folks with dreads telling me about my pattern and that I need to combine my locks before they fall off and so on. As far as I am concerned, it's unsolicited advice. I tell them I have strong Sisterlocks and that I do not anticipate breakage and keep on walking. It's annoying that someone would stop you to criticize your hair. This one guy on the train told me that Sisterlocks were more like braids and that I wasn't ready to be a dread. WTH? That doesn't even make sense. And why was he talking to me? Did he not see that my earphones, shades, and open reading material means I do not feel like communicating with strangers. I mean he didn't even have the decency to say any greetings like hello first. Geesh!
* Thanks for making my analogy better muslimahlocs.