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Monday, February 4, 2008

Naturally, Sophia Wants You to Vote

I do not understand in this time in our history why any person, particularly of color, would feel that it is ok not to vote.

I have asked many of my peers, early twenty-something women of color, if they were going to vote tomorrow. And the majority of them have replied no. I am so disappointed at this. One of the women replied, "I am just not political." WTF does that mean? Your very existence is political. Everything from where you live, how you pay taxes, who you choose to date/marry, if you work or not, the streets you drive down, whether you drive, and even the air you breathe is affected by politics.

I am disappointed, angry, and ashamed all at the same time. I am a fighter. I fight for the things I believe in daily. I just can not understand a passive attitude like that. Does nothing matter to these people or do they just feel like their vote is unimportant? Thoughts?


Meikmeika said...

Many people feel their voices don't get heard. I urged so many people, who weren't registered to vote at the time, to vote in the last election, which they did. Now I get comments like, "My vote didn't matter last time, why should it matter this time." I usually just slap them in the forehead and tell them they must vote...just kidding..LOL!!! We all need to remember all who fought to allow minorities and women to vote.

Wendi aka "Wendosa" said...

We should all vote and that's that regardless of what we think the outcome will be.
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Afrodite said...

I agree. The worst excuse I've been getting is: "It's not the presidential election."

SistaLocd said...

Hey Sophia I tried emailing you from your blog but my computer is stupid and it wont allow me access. I forgot to mention when I answered your questions. That I have a realtor/good friend who is very familiar with Miami and can guide you with some assistance if you want it. Infact I already told him about you when you first announced the big move! He told me to give you his phone number and he can answer any questions that you might have. IF you want it let me know or email me so I can give it to you. ANd when I do become a pro in the kitchen yes you can come for dinner! Lol