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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Are You Coming to the Hair Show?

There is an awesome natural hair show coming to Atlanta the last weekend of April. Naturally, Sophia will be there. Will you?

This is the link:


Koffee Dyme said...

That looks interesting... I love that hair style on the flyer.. too bad I'm all the way up in Canada.

Amba said...

I see that Sisterlocks will have a booth there. I'll certainly check it out. I've had a lot about Taliah Wajid. I'll look out for you and hope to meet you.

Eyedinity said...
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Eyedinity said...

Just wanted to say hi and that my loctitian just came back from the one they had about 3 wks ago. She brought back some products from Taliah Wajid and I'm hooked! She's going back in April. I'm jealous, wish I could go.
Take Care,

Amba said...

Hi Sophia
Please check my blog for info about the upcoming Meet and Greet with Dr. Joanne Cornwell. I'd so love to meet you and for us to be out there in numbers to show her our love. I'm trying to tell all Atlantan Sisterlocks wearers so spread the word. Thanks. I don't have your email or I would have emailed you details

Afrodite said...

I heard about this and I sooooo want to go. Too bad I'm on the west coast.