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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Are You Coming to the Hair Show?

There is an awesome natural hair show coming to Atlanta the last weekend of April. Naturally, Sophia will be there. Will you?

This is the link:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tagged! Random Things About My Hair

I was tagged by many of my good blogger friends. And lately, I have been more obsessed than normal about my hair. So this go around of random things will be about (my) hair.

1. I really miss my afro. I love my locs and I don't miss combing it. But I miss my afro pick and huge fro. When I picked my hair out it would make my fro look about 17" tall because my hair is long. It was always at once a political statement and an eye catcher.

2. People still ask me if I have a weave. No matter how I have worn my hair since weave became popular, I have been asked if my hair is a weave. Regardless of whether I wear an afro, braids, plaits, traditional locs or Sisterlocks, I still get asked if I have a weave. UGH! No, I do not have a weave!

3. I am so over length. I mean does it really matter? I have included some photos of myself with super long hair. This was all my hair at 18 and at 6 years old. Even as a baby, my hair was long. The number 1 thing women of color have always commented on is the length of my hair. An Indian woman once implied that I had to be "mixed" to have hair that long. Comments like that infuriate me because they are ignorant; I have met women of every racial group with long hair of various textures. And what American do you know that is not "mixed"? I feel hair is just hair, and my hair has always been long by chance. If that were not the case, that would be ok too. Besides, the longer my hair is, the less I do with it as far as styling. I apologize for the quality of the photos.

4. I have been really noticing my Sisterlocks size... mainly because people point it out to me. When I am around others with sisterlocks, most people comment on the size because my locs appear smaller partially because of the texture. I have micro locks in the front, small in the middle, and medium in the very back. i have split some of my locs from certain consultants who combined my hair in the past. I have a little over 500 locs now and my hair texture is fine making the locs appear even smaller than someone with thicker hair of the same parting size would have. I took some more pictures for a comparison. In the front, it would take 3-4 locs to make one toothpick.

5. My retightenings take about 3 1/2 hours and I go every 5 weeks. Julia is super fast when we aren't joking around like we often do. I just love her.

6. I choose to have a lot of loose hair left out of my locks at the ends. As a result, some of the ends of locs are locking rather largely and traditionally. My remedy is to pick the ends out. I enjoy having loose ends as I did with traditional locs. One woman told me that leaving my hair out is not accepting my natural hair texture. Whateva! I have never had a relaxer and have been natural since before I understood what natural meant. I just enjoy the waves on my ends and it is what I intended to do since way before I even started this set of locs.

7. I am so over the whole Sisterlocks versus other types of locs, sistahs and bros want to discuss (read argue) about. The main thing is your hair is on your head and how you choose to style it is up to you. At the same time,how I chooose to style my hair is up to me. I mean people have implied my locs aren't real, that if I have never had short hair I haven't gotten the experience,that latching has changed the natural "o" curl pattern (which my curl pattern is a loose 's" or "z" anyway). I hate it when people want to teach me about my hair as if they created it and/or the concept of natural hair. People should understand that my natural hair has been on my head since I was in the womb and never been chemically straightened. I know my hair better than any person on this Earth. Furthermore, there are enough heads to have every type of natural hair imaginable. I choose sisterlocks and all yuh have a choice what locking techinique you would like if you want locs.

I am also tired of the whole cost/maintenance conversations. Sisterlocks are not cheap initially, but over time it evens out. And there is a plethora of info out there about maintenance as well as other locking methods. If you can not afford the maintenance, then you can maintain them yourself rather easily if you are somewhat crafty and patient. I also don't spend lots of money on products/styling aids. I know that Sisterlocks overtime cost no more than going to the salon every 2 weeks.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tag! I'm It Again!

Tagged by Locsuluv

The Rules:
1) link to the person that tagged you.
2) post the rules on your blog.
3) share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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1. Eventually, I want to adopt a child.

2. I like to sun bathe.

3. I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses more than pants.

4. I like to wear bright and pastel colors and prints although I rarely wear red.

5. I enjoy staying in much more often than going out.

6. I love the fact that I never got a tattoo.

I was tagged 4 times! LOL! I am not tagging 24 people. So, I will post my 6 tagged people at the end of the last tag post.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Naturally, Sophia Wants You to Vote

I do not understand in this time in our history why any person, particularly of color, would feel that it is ok not to vote.

I have asked many of my peers, early twenty-something women of color, if they were going to vote tomorrow. And the majority of them have replied no. I am so disappointed at this. One of the women replied, "I am just not political." WTF does that mean? Your very existence is political. Everything from where you live, how you pay taxes, who you choose to date/marry, if you work or not, the streets you drive down, whether you drive, and even the air you breathe is affected by politics.

I am disappointed, angry, and ashamed all at the same time. I am a fighter. I fight for the things I believe in daily. I just can not understand a passive attitude like that. Does nothing matter to these people or do they just feel like their vote is unimportant? Thoughts?