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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Naturally Sophia's 'Stache

I am blogging about this one a little behind schedule. Last year, I exchanged digits with this guy who went off on my voicemail after he perceived me as ignoring his calls. I was not ignoring his calls, just busy. Some of the things he called me were "nappy-headed". I take no offense to that one because it's not true. But if it were, it would not be offensive but perhaps a compliment. He also called me a "stupid bitch" who needed to "get rid of yo mustache". I laughed about that one.

Yes, I have a mustache and various other facial hair. TMI? I have it due to genetics and a condition called PCOS, a hormonal imbalance. And truthfully, I can't imagine myself permanently removing it. I have had the money at various other times in my life and never did it. Now, I don't want to remove it for good. I feel that it is a part of me, and I have truly learned to love myself, imperfections included. As a child, I hated the then peach fuzz that has thickened to a light stubble.

Now that doesn't mean that I don't Nair or pluck it with tweezers. Nor does it mean that a date or interview will ever see me sportin my stache. But all my friends and loved ones have seen it and just accept that it is a part of me like my fingernails or "too" big earrings. I am not perfect. I am beautiful. They are not mutually exclusive.

I want to give a shot out to Frieda Kahlo, my mom, my cousins, and all my "Stache Sistahs" for giving me solidarity and peace when I see the beautiful hair on your head and face.


Peajai said...

It's funny how men completely freak out when you don't answer/return their calls. Yet they can be "too busy" for your calls for days, even weeks and we are just supposed to be cool with it!

Afrodite said...

This is such a funny post because it hits so close to home. I don't have a mustache but that nappy-headed comment hit a nerve.

It just baffles me that when a guy feels he is wronged, he wants to point out the most seemingly negative aspect about a woman. I wouldn't be offended if someone called me nappy-headed (he wouldn't be lying) but he sure didn't think my hair was nappy when he was trying to holler and get the digits. I'm just sayin'.

ebony said...

My sister has PCOS, I just have facial hair. It's a part of growing older. Ol' boy would have shown his true colors eventually, aren't you glad it was before you invested any time in him?

Allecia said...

A friend of mine was diagnosed with PCOS in her early 20s. From talking to her about her symptoms pre-diagnosis, I know that it can be very difficult. That guy must really have wanted to spend time with you to get that upset over not getting a phone call. You definitely dodged a bullet with that one.

Luscious Librarian said...

He's just salty 'cause he couldn't get next to ya. A friend of mine in college had a 'stache, she's since had it waxed but her face isn't as warm as it used to be. Some of the unique charm is gone.

Lola Gets said...

As I have gotten older, Ive developed a wee bit of a 'stache. The majority of the hair is at the corners of my mouth, where my "dimples" are. I started getting it threaded a few years ago, only because it seems to brighten up my face. To each their own.


Naturally Sophia said...

Lola- Threaded? I never thought of that. It can't be any worse than tweezing.

Luscious Librarian- I wax it too, but it comes on back. lol!

Allecia- Ironically, I don't think he wanted to spend time with me. I think his ego was hurt that a "girl with a mustache" didn't drop everything to talk to him. Loser! lol!

Ebony- Yes ma'am! I am thrilled I was busy that weekend.

Afrodite & Peajai- Agreed!

dewdrop said...

Frida has always been one of my favorite artists. There is nothing wrong with body hair so just do you.