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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Naturally, Sophia May Move to Miami


I think it's time to move. I really love Atlanta, minus all the DL men and roguish people..oh and traffic. Well, I have a possible opportunity to work outside of the office daily in beautiful Miami. This would mean a raise but relocation expenses are not paid. Beside that, I feel like I have gotten the true experience of Atlanta. I have done almost everything here I wanted to do. I love most of the people of Atlanta. There is a lot of Black history here, and the majority of black and brown people have a certain pride and polish. Not to mention, Atlanta is a loc lovers paradise. I see locs daily even if they have lost thier meaning upon most of the heads of the people who wear them here.

At this point, I am making a pro and con list. The positives include having a more active lifestyle, starting fresh in new town, not changing companies, living near the beach, and a raise.The negatives include moving away from immediate family, moving to a city where I have hardly no friends and family, having to buy a new "used" car, selling/renting my home, moving and packing.

I am scared, nervous,and excited all at once. I am asking all my blogger friends out there for advice. Have any of you ever moved away for a job or change in lifestyle? If so, tell me about it. I moved away for a study abroad in school, but that was temporary. This could be a permanent move! Thoughts?



Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

DL - lol, no DL here, so u moving to MI Yayo (maybe) wel be safe and wanted to say happy nappy new year

PureHappyness said...

I think Miami would be a lovely opportunity for you. What do you have to loose really? I think your pro's/con's list is a good idea. Sometimes our excitement clouds rational. Ironically, my friend is moving to Miami at the end of the month. She's had it with ATL and has decided to move to warmer climates. I'm sad to see her go, but I'm happy for her happyness. Plus it's a place to stay when I'm

naadii salaam said...

please add "opportunity to learn spanish and become a fabulous salsera (female salsa dancer)" to the pro list. salsa is fabulous cardio and a great way to meet the men folk. okay, also add great food, and shopping!

i think a good well thought out and relatively safe move every few years is good for anyone.

being a lil scared yet excited lets you know that it could be the start of something wondaful!

variety is the spice of life!

p.s. one of your recent blogposts turned me on the love it! thanks!

SistaLocd said...

Miami? Say What?
I think this is a very important decision to make so please take all the time you have to really think about it? I know you have been down here ( in Miami) once before) Did you like the atmosphere? Could you see yourself living down here and be happy?
Anyhow I must warn you that the one thing I don't like about Miami is the traffic but it has nothing on ATL's traffic. However there is so much to do down here. Well I hope that you make the best decision and as far as mot knowing anyone down here you know me! lol
Take Care

Goodnapps said...

Opportunities like this don't come everyday. If it truly is one for the better, then I think you should go for it.

Maxim said...
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Meikmeika said...

My boyfriend and I were actually contemplating moving to the ATL... but that traffic is something else.

What was your first gut instinct regarding the move to Miami? Like Goodnapps stated this is an opportunity. You're still very young so trying out a new city is a great idea. You can always move back if necessary.

Keep us posted.

Locksuluv Hair Affair said...

I have not moved away except for college but it was in the same state....I love miami...I been twice..I think if the opportunity is good and if you way the pros and will find a decision that you can live with...Good luck and keep us updated.

Renea said...

Move girl! There are flights from Atlanta to Miami-Dade everyday. So you can see your family whenever you want, and not see them whenever you don't, lol. I do believe the cost of living is less in Miami than Atlanta. The housing market is soft, renting would probably give you an opportunity to ride out the downturn in the market and you can keep the tax deduction and rent in Miami until you get your bearings and decide if you want to put down roots--giving you a place to go back to if you hate it AND an investment nest egg because eventually the market will improve--maybe when we get a new president. Instead of packing, have a garage sale and sell everything that's too heavy to carry, lol. Or get some neighborhood boys to load the truck for you for kool-aid, lunch, and a little cash.
So I think that takes care of all of your cons!!
Seriously, it's good to shake things up every once in a while and if the catalyst is better pay in a great new city, what do you have to lose?
I have moved to two large metropolitan areas (Los Angeles and now New York), from Rhode Island to Memphis to New Orleans to Virginia, oh and New Jersey too.
At first, it IS a little disorienting. It always takes me from six months to a year to really feel like I live in the new place. To speed things along I recommend a balance of familiar with new. I find an alumnae chapter of my sorority, a Catholic church, the best mall in the area and a movie theater-- so I have easy places to meet people and things I'm comfortable doing alone. It was less intimidating to introduce myself to new sorors than complete strangers. In Memphis, I went to events held by Omega Psi Phi. And I immediately started volunteering...organizing committees, stuff that required me to talk to other people. Every week I'd check out some new location until I knew my way around. Since you'll be out and about for work you'll meet plenty of people with no problem.
Heck I was thinking of moving to Miami myself. Do it girl! Do it!

Onyxcherry said...

Miami sounds like a good move. I think I will be moving out of Atlanta after grad school. I know two of my friends who moved from NY to various areas in Florida and the really loved it.

Don't worry about your company not paying for moving expenses you'll be able to write them off on your taxes next year.

muslimahlocs said...

i don't know where i would be today if i had "discovered" miami back in the day and before i was muslim. that place will have your eyes and neck working overtime. there is so much to see! y las morenas are beautiful to everyone!

Shavonne said...

Move! A change in scenery will be good for you. I totally plan on moving once I finish school. I just don't know where I will go.

Xcentric Pryncess said...

I just cam from Miami and it was beautiful and I wish I could wake up to an environment like that everyday (I am in Atlanta too) I have had opportunities to work and other places and got fearful at the last moment..please don't do like I did and limit yourself to one place, take advantage of your can always move back if it doesnt work out...

Xcentric Pryncess said...
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