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Monday, January 14, 2008

My Miami Ridin Music

The top 10 New Artist/Albums I will listen to driving to Miami:

1. The Cool Kids! Pure, infectious hip-hop and a cool video:

2. Alice Smith- I like her whole album. But my favorite song is Dream. Her range and power are amazing. Just listen:

3. Jazmine Sullivan- I hear a union between soul and true R&B in her voice. She remade Andre 3000's Prototype superbly. Hear her now:


Prototype from

4. Ayo- her light, ethnic tone epitomizes clarity in singing. No runs or over-singing! I like her and think it's worth a listen. "Down on My Knees". You likey?

5. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Just buy it. You'll thank me later if you love soul or funk. What a victory for Sharon! 30 years ago the industry allegedly told her she was "not what they were looking for". We'll she is perfect for my eardrums. The Dap Kings is also a good band of awesome musicians.

6. Res- With her album due out soon, it could not be better timing. I have been steadily bumpin' 2001's How I Do for 7 years now. She released this single/video for "There's No Way" on youtube. The reported title of the new album is Blak Gulz Rule. Plus her locs are fly!

7.Ceu- Brazilian charm and sweet singing. Whenever I hear that voice, I think of the "Girl from Ipanema" with a modern twist. Do you?

8. Emily King- I like this song even though the beat is from "Love Hangover". I usually don't like remakes, but I can appreciate the lyrics to this one. Plus, she partnered with Lupe who I will also continue to bump in Miami. Here is Emily and Lupe performing "Walk in My Shoes":

9.J*Davey- This group has a certain sound I can't quite describe. They are pop, electronica, and neo-soul all together. I like it in the way I like things and colors I thought wouldn't work before but actually do. If you click the video of their performance and listen, you'll hear what I mean:

10. My last choice is not least. Erykah Badu has invaded my heart and ears for the past 11 years with her version on Bohemian, Southern soul. I simply love her single "Honey". I looked forward to many more decades of music from her. I appreciate how she is continually reinventing herself.


Anonymous said...

Best music post ever! I had forgotten about RES - I love her. Thanks for sharing. I'm feeling so happy now...

Naturally Sophia said...

Well thank you anonymous! I am glad you're feeling my tunes.

slvrlips said...

Wow!!! I'm loving this post!! And you were right Jazemine really made Prototype her own. Thanks for sharing