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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Locs & Professionalism

I was browsing the blogger world and came across a permie who said that she was concerned about Sisterlocks being unprofessional. If you are having the same concerns or are interested in the topic, here is my response.

Recently, I had an interview and wore my hair in the very chic and professional bun. I interviewed, panel style with 2 professionals that happened to be White. And I got the job! I think the people I have encountered that view natural hair as unprofessional have all been Black. I think all natural hair can be styled or covered so that the person being interviewed can feel confident and professional regarding their hairstyle. Honestly, I spent more time over which suit to wear rather than how my hair would be styled. Sisterlocks are extremely versatile. See:


I would also like to add that almost everyone I know personally is educated and professional regardless of whether they have locs or not. However, most of them have natural hair. All of my blogger sistah sisterlockers are professionals. Most of them have varying collegiate degrees. The ones that are not students are professionally employed. I have personally met loced ministers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants, and the like. Ultimately, your locs will appear professional if you are professional.


SistaLocd said...

Yay a hair pic! I think this bun hair style looks fabulous!

It's funny that you say that most people that think locks are unprofessional are Black, I feel the same way. I have never heard it the other way around. Just sad!

Lakia said...

Come to think of it, I think I am the only person in a professional position on my floor with locks. Hmmm! that makes me feel good!

Shavonne said...

I've been told only by black folks that locks are unprofessional and I wouldn't be able to get a job.

I really like the bun you've got going there.

brunsli said...

Yes, I agree. My locks have never been an issue in my career as a lawyer, for employers or clients. I think we spend too much time worrying about what The Man thinks of us, when the time would be better spent worrying about getting our resumes and cover letters in tip-top shape.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

nice blog hon, im a dred..let me know what u think about this one nd .chk out my post about the King THANK WE FREE

Tra said...

I could not agree more. It is definitely "us" who have an issue with locked hair vs. "them". I went through quite an obsession over this when I was interviewing because I let my own people make me feel insecure about my hair. I am so glad to be over that and even more glad that it was non-issue for you!

Naturally Sophia said...

Tra- Very true. When I had traditional locs before I would wear head wraps to interviews because I thought they looked too Bohemian. I am happy I don't feel those issues anymore.

Torrance- ok, I'll check you out.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Brunsli- You are my loced (S)hero. I immediately thought of Dr./Attorney at Law Brunsli when writing this post. Thanks for your comments.

Shavonne- I am over "Black folks" telling me how to wear my hair, who I should date, and that I am "too pro-Black" although I "act white". This one permie at my job called me irregular Black once. WTH?

Lakia- Professional and loced. Keep it going!

Sistaloced- I will post more hair pics soon. My hair is thicker now and more locked looking. I also split some locks. Will post soon.

Breath of Light said...

Peace sis! I suppose I'll chime in with agreement. I was promoted to a more visible position within my company with fuzzy locs. I believe I was 4 or 5 months into the process. I put my lil locs in rollers and kept it moving. Never has my hair been an issue. In my previous position I would wear headwraps a few times a week. Never has my hair been an issue. I've only hade black people express concern about locs or natural hair being unprofessional. I rock afros at least half of the time now. And guess what? Never and issue. I think black folks need to get over our fears of our own hair. If other people see us uncomfortable with it, they may start assuming something is wrong as well.

Renea said...

Could you please give me more info abt the blogger who was concerned abt SLs being unprofessional? I have been researching reactions to natural styles in the workplace. I don't want to convert her-- lol-- I am just interested to find as many perspectives as possible. If you could email me I'd appreciate it.

Naturally Sophia said...

Breath of Light- It definitely seems like a self-esteem issue. The fact that a person could be seen as unprofessional because of their natural hair texture is insane. Thanks for stopping by here and commenting.

Renea- I sent you the links.