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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Got the Miami!

So, now that I got the job, what is there to do? EVERYTHING! I have to rent my house. But first, I have to declutter, pack excess stuff, and clean! And while I am doing all this, I am faced with all the what if scenarios! What if I don't like Miami? What if I don't like the job? What if my renters don't pay on time or at all?

The job I got is a good job. But it is not good enough for me to support 2 households. What's more than that is that I am moving with little or no relocation expenses as it stands. Ugh! And Miami appears to have a higher cost of living. Double Ugh!

And then, I have to decide what to do with my bulkier pieces of furniture that make my house look smaller. I think I will try a storage unit. Oh but my garage is under utilized. I think can move stuff in there.

Is this all worth it? I mean is living in Miami worth the inconvenience and risk. I am afraid once I consider the increase in housing expenses, that the slight increase in salary won't be worth it.

Where should I live in Miami? I have the choice of working in Ft. Lauderdale, North Miami, or South Miami near the keys. I have found you seem to get more house for the money in South Miami. I am looking for Sisterlocd's input here. lol!

I am anxious, nervous, excited and happy all at the same time. Wow! Well, back to cleaning for now.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog! I think you should go for it in Miami - you will always look back and wish that you did. Why don't you rent in Miami for a year so that you can get the lay of the land and have your tenant sign a 1 year lease so that if things don't work out, you have somewhere to go back to and you are not stuck with a mortgage in a declining Miami housing market.

Good Luck!

Faithful reader.

SistaLocd said...

Hey First off Congratulations! I know you are so excited, anxious and scared at the same time. Miami is a really big place and I'm sorry to inform you that I know nothing about South Miami. All the cities you listed come with a pretty price tag. I have heard that South Miami might be a little cheaper. Due to the fact that the market is slow right now you might get lucky because sellers are lowering their prices just to sell their home! If you are wanting to buy a home and don't have a realtor. I have a good friend thats a realtor and he is very experinced. He helpped me and my DH sell our 1st home in 1 Day!
(yes I said 1 day) Infact I'll call him to see what place(city) is a better buy(location). He is a very busy guy so hopefully I have more info soon. Talk to you later,


Ebony said...

Congrats! I've only been a visitor to South Miami, so I'm not help :( Sounds like a great opportunity and I'm sure you deserve it.

Renea said...

I'm so glad you decided to go for it! As far as renting your property, if you are really worried about the details work with a management company who can handle credit checks, rent collection, etc. Or since your family is there, do you have a trusted relative who could keep an eye on things?
Of course, you have nerves. You'll find your way. Check out the Miami Herald online and start getting a sense of what's happening. Check out Time Out Miami--

Do you like sports? Have any hobbies? Just figure out where to go to do the things you already enjoy. When is moving day?

Meikmeika said...

Congratulations!!! I only visit South Florida so I wouldn't be any help either but I'm happy you've taken the position.

You Go Girl!!! I'm such a dork..

Lakia said...

congrats on the new position. Everything will work itself out with planning. Getting a little extra money from a renter is definitely a plus factor in renting out your house.

sunsail said...

oh wow, congratulations!!! i wish i could just up and relocate!!! two things holding me back: 1, haven't found anywhere else i'd rather be, and 2, it's more... complicated now, with my dog and the count.

you should be STOKED!!! just make sure you don't move into a geriatric city... and central to north florida is, well, kinda country. my sister lives in orlando, and i absolutely hate it. no, i don't like disney or universal, so that's no help, either. don't know what you're used to or looking for, though.

you're a plucky girl, you'll figure it out. oh, and also, if you read, she works in miami, and she's the events calendar chickie at a local publication. if you drop her an email, i'm sure she can give you the down and dirty of the area!

Lola Gets said...

Congrats on the new job! I cant provide any relocation tips cause Ive never had to do that before, lol.


muslimahlocs said...

congratulations! move, girl, move! miami is also home to a great master trainer for sisterlocks and colorist. you should be able to find yvonne mobley on the sisterlocks site or i can give you her email address if necessary. she's been ill so i am not sure how much work she is doing but she is well worht a visit if you are in need of a hair treat (and she is REALLY fun, knows miami, etc).

Bygbaby said...

Wow, what great news. But second wow, what decisions you have to make.

I have been to Miami once & love i especially all of the good Cuban food. One thing I can tell you is to stay away from Little Havana after 6pm!!!

I had a friend move from Detroit to Chicago for a job & she was faced with the same dilemma & winded storing her things & then renting her home to a section 8 family. So far things have worked well for her, the house is not being trash &the checks come right on time.

I do understand that this is not a good option for everyone based on socioeconomics & location but it is an option.

Congrats & I look forward to hearing what comes of this.


Xcentric Pryncess said...

Yaayyyyyy. Congratulations, your new journey will be exciting to follow...enjoy yourself..

Amba said...

Congratulations. I always enjoy your blog so will look forward to your musings on Miami.

Renea said...

Byg is right about Section 8 tenants. My parents rent to a very nice family-- their rent goes straight into my parents account,lol. So everybody is real friendly, even around the first of the month.

brunsli said...

Congratulations on your next adventure!