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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beauty Role Model: Tomiko Fraser

I am reintroducing the beauty role model segment to this blog. I have been wanting to post this lady for a long time. I am presenting one of the faces of Maybelline and a spokeswoman for the Lupus Foundation of America, Tomiko Fraser. She is natural, beautiful, and involved in the community.
The excerpts from the following interview is sourced from

IGN: How did you get started modeling?
Tomiko: I got started working at a restaurant in New York called Lola. This woman with an agency would come in and asked me if I wanted to model. I needed the paycheck every week so I wasn't sure. Then I ended up at Ford.
IGN: What was your first modeling job?
Tomiko: It was a Seventeen Magazine shoot: fun, scary, simple. They gave me a lot of hair. I had a really long ponytail. It was just one picture. I wasexcited because I was a working model.

IGN: What are some of the fashion campaigns you have done?
Tomiko: Gap, Target, Tommy Hilfiger…there's a lot. At the Target shoot, there was red and white all over. I was pushing a shopping cart with red and white bottles of detergent with a big smile. It was so much fun.
IGN: How would you describe your look?
Tomiko: I have been described as the all American black girl next door--approachable, friendly...if they only knew the truth (just kidding). I get booked 9/10 just because of my smile.
IGN: Do you have a particular diet?
Tomiko: I like to eat. My family is from the south. I grew up on fried chicken, rice and beans. I find a healthy version of these bad foods. Instead of whole grain pasta, I'll get rice pasta. It still tastes good. My favorite soul food restaurant is Roscoe's and M&M's out here. In N.Y., I'd just go to my family's house.Fat Fish on Melrose Ave is one of my favorites. I never order the same thing because there are so many items on the menu.
IGN: What is your favorite country?
Tomiko: Italy--I like to eat. You have to go to Naples. I love traveling so I've been to Paris. I love the US because we have so much at our fingertips that othercountries don't have. They don't have take out in London. I mean youhave to pick it up.

IGN: You are a supermodel yourself but who do you look up to?
Tomiko: I appreciate a well rounded model--Iman, just because she's beautiful, smart and she's branched out into her own business. I like models that have taken themselves and made something bigger and better. AliLarter -- on Heroes -- love her, and there used to be such a stigma against models turned actress.

IGN: Where are you from? Tell me about your childhood. Any brothers or sisters?
Tomiko: I'm a child of divorce. My mom had 3 children and my dad has 4 kids. I'm somewhat close to all of them. I was very nerdy as a child. I loved school and I loved learning. I wanted to be a teacher when I was growing up. I went to catholic school. I even helped the nuns out. I liked school.


aulelia said...

This girl is mind-blowingly stunning. To me, she is just beautiful. Looks like she has a good head on her shoulders too!

Meikmeika said...

She is beautiful!! If I'm not mistaken she was in a movie called Head Over Heels.. It was funny even though the acting was bad.

Anonymous said...

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