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Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Natural Hair Interview

While I was at my consultant's place getting my hair retightened. I took the opportunity to interview Sheena, her client and best friend. Sheena is a 27 year old mother of an adorable little boy. She is a massage therapist and kept me laughing the whole time.

NS: What is your natural hair story?
Sheena: I have been natural since around 2003 off and on. The first time I did the big chop. I have cut all my perm off 3 times now.

NS: Really! How did that happen?

Sheena: The first time I was just tired off the perm and ready to be natural. The next time I cut it was after my other best friends wedding. She wanted everyone in her wedding to have a straight hairstyle. The last time I cut it off was for Sisterlocks.

NS: Wow! You are a really good friend. What advice would you have to womyn considering the big chop or going natural?
Sheena: Just do it! It's better and free.

NS: How did you feel when you got rid of all your hair and how did you do it?

Sheena: Well the first and second time, I used clippers. The second time is was real short almost bald. There was nothing to hide behind. At first I really didn't like it, but it was me and I got used to it. The last time, I just cut it into a short afro to start Sisterlocks.

NS: How did your family react? How about men?

Sheena: The only person that had a negative reaction is one of my close friends. At first I felt boyish, but men still were interested. My family didn't react either way.

NS: Your hair looks fabulous. Julia did a great job.


Cluizel said...

Good Interview!

I miss my locks at the length sometimes...

Ebony said...

Both of their hair looks sooo good!

I tagged you :) Check my blog for the rules.

dewdrop said...

Your consultant's hair is fabulous and she is making your locks look the same. Kudos to her! Guess what you have been tagged! Check out my blog for instructions.