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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Winter Fashion: The Perfect Boots for Wide Calves

Many of you fortunate womyn, can try on anything from an ankle boot to a thigh high without so much as a stretch. For me, this is an ordeal. First, you have to prep, prepare, and stretch. Then, I have to inch the zipper around the mid part of my calf inch by inch for each leg. And this only works for stretch boots. For leather ones, they have to be at least 17.5" around or it's not worth a try. And I couldn't even think about wearing thick socks and boots together until now. I found many sites for the ones of us with big ole legs. Beware! MEASURE YOUR CALVES BEFORE ORDERING.

Sure, maybe muscular legs are kind of cute in pumps, but some boots will make them look like tree trunks. Not these by David Tate for $139 at

For something with a tad sexier heel, I found these at Eddie Bauer online for $188:

If you live in Minnesota and have supple calves, try these $58 lined pair from

For a boutique shopper; please check out Marian Rinaldi. I found a pair at Feline's Basement that are very chic in the fall of 2005.

For my sister, Mya, I found a pair by Dublin of waterproof "riding" style boots for that icky Boston winter at for $140:

The best of the rest:

Duo (a UK retailer) offers custom boots, for a more sophisticated look and expensive price. It could be worth it if you have NARROW calves or if you have small feet with large calves because Duo customizes calf width and shoe size.
Ayla does the same for around $150-$200, but has far less styles than Duo. This site also offers custom boots.
Zappos is a good site if you have just kinda large calves. They offer many slightly wider and stretch styles. offers fabulous riding and comfortable heeled boots for large calves. offers trendy choices. even has a leather and faux suede pair that are 18" around and stretch for $29.99.
So any Jane with muscular, curvy, or pleasingly plump calves can have knee or thigh length boots for every occasion.


Bygbaby said...

I just sent this to my boo! I love women in boots!!!! Especially hoe boots (sorry).


Luscious Librarian said...

I am in dire need of some fly boots for the season, but I need to save up. I want some chocolate suede joints.

Peajai said...

This is a great list. I just wrote a little post of wide calf boots last night. Didn't see your list until just now!

Anonymous said...

Duo boots are the best! I have searched for years and they are the best ones that I have come across. And they have a sale on, huurah! Tx