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Friday, November 2, 2007

Sophia, Naturally Dyed Her Hair...Again

So, I have had blond hair, red highlights, brown tips, and most often a fresh shade of jet black (my natural color) to cover the other dye and make it look healthy, reflecting a healthy shine.

At the Philly Loc Conference, during a workshop, this brand of dye was recommended: Naturtint. The speaker said that harsh dyes will eventually aid in weakening your locs; as a result, some of your locs may fall out like the speaker's locs did. How devastating that must have been for her after several years of Sisterlocks.

Her warning was enough for me. No more Clairol and unnatural colors requiring bleaching before adding the dye! So, I headed to the Whole
Foods Market and bought the boxed dye for about $17. It came with latex gloves, c
onditioner, developer, and the dye with an applicator bottle. The color processed in about 20 minutes to a rich black. You can see the difference from the before picture posted in the profile section to the pics of my color posted in this entry.
I highly recommend this dye. It works with no ammonia and no peroxide, giving a rich permanent color. In addition, it instantly covered any lint or follicles from shedding caught in my locs.


Meikmeika said...

Very Nice!

SistaLocd said...

The color came out great! I want to dye my hair again so bad but I promised myself to wait until my hair locks completely!

Lola Gets said...

You color does look good. I tried "natural" hair dyes before, but they dont do much good when it comes to covering gray hair. And Ive got about 40-45% gray on my head, so I had to break down and see a colorist for help, lol.

Sogolocs said...

Thanks for the information. I used this product the other day and everything turned out great. It covered my gray nicely. I was waiting until I found out the best product to use on my locks. Your help is appreciated.