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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Naturally, Sophia found an Awesome Consultant

Many of you read about my many bad experiences with Sisterlocks consultants. Well, I finally found an awesome consultant. I love how we vibe. I truly enjoyed the time we spent as she retightened my hair. We laughed, talked, and had a great time. Not to mention, she did my hair expertly. She used the hook tool (my preference) and did not miss a single loc.
In addition to having a great personality and doing my hair well, she has an awesome well-toned body. I jokingly said that I want her work-out routine. I love having a consultant that has a healthy body in addition to healthy hair. Unlike some consultants I have seen that have unkempt SLs, her hair was retightened (by herself) and styled (also by herself). I totally think that there is a connection between healthy body, healthy hair, and a healthy mind. I have nothing bad to say. She was not late, was not on the phone the whole time, does not live far, did not take long breaks, and charged a fair price. She also showed me pictures of her work and was open to any discussion about Sisterlocks and hair in general.
Of course, I made an advanced appointment; I am now on a 4 week schedule. It's great to have someone other than myself to maintain my hair. I know that I will continue with my DIY projects in between retightenings to lessen the time. This retightening session took about 5 hours. The last time someone else (other than myself) retightened my hair was September during the first week. The most recent retightening was done on November 17th, I just loved how Julia was concerned with my hair and my comfort. Yay! I have a new consultant and friend.


Goodnapps said...

That is so wonderful to hear that you found a consultant with personal and professional skills.
Congratulations. If only we could clone more consultants like that in every city.

muslimahlocs said...

congratulations. at least 2 of my former clients are now very dear friends so i know what you mean about connecting with someone. it goes both ways.

Ms Stella said...

I'm happy for you. My consultant and I vibe well also so I know how valuable that is.

ps. I want her work out too. I see those toned arms.

Meikmeika said...

There's nothing like looking forward to your retightenings and seeing your consultant. I'm happy to hear you have found your fit. YAY!!!

Cluizel said...

YEAH! Good job. I love going to my sessions too. We always have something to talk about the entire appointment. I really like that

question: did your new consultant mention anything about combining locks?

Lola Gets said...


Naturally Sophia said...

Thanks all!

Cluizel- no mention of combining. She found the ones the previous consultant did that were combined. We discussed taking them out on the next appointment.I am vehemently opposed to combining as the former lady combined some of my locs unevenly. I think that if you are happy you should not combine uness your hair is weak or unhealthy or if retightening time is a problem for YOU not the consultant.

onyxcherry said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I called Julia instantly and made an appointment and she seemed like a really cool person so I'm looking forward to our session.

Anonymous said...


Good consultants are hard to come by. I have been totally disappointed with consultants in my area. They are not professional and need training in this area. I am surprised the sisterlock training doesn't harp on this area. Ask your consultant how professionalism is approached in training. I wished I could find a good consultant.


Yeahhhh congrats on finding a good fit. I love here card i may have to steal her idea.

loving it :)