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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sophie and The Single Life

1. Bachelor #1, Salad Guy and I were getting along well. We had similar interest and good,long conversations. We even had a date where he fell asleep on my lap in front of the T.V. How sweet! Well, we talked from time to time; but lately I had not heard from him. Then all of a sudden he sends me flowers, chocolate. Oh no! He sends a picture of his flaccid penis to my camera phone. I don't see why he couldn't just wait for me to view it as our dating progressed. So, at the time, I sent a text message reply asking was all that for me. He replied, "Yes, when do you want it?". I replied, "On our wedding night". He replied, "lol!". I called Salad Guy for comments, but he ignores my calls now. I really would like to know why he would have sent that after knowing me for about a month and since dating was going well...I thought.
2. Bachelor # 2, Stretch, I met this guy and thought we were ok. After all, we had only spoken once and were on the track to become friends as he just moved to the A from New Jersey. Well, one weekend, I was super busy doing repairs on my house and could not take his 2 calls at the time. He called me back a third time leaving a voice message saying, "You stupid ape looking bitch. You are not a dime (a 10). How dare you ignore my calls? Dumb BITCH!" click.

Whoa! He was so angry. Did anything I do warrant that response? He was so wounded. He complained earlier (when we first spoke) about meeting women that acted as if they were owed something like money or gifts for themselves and their kids just to date or be friends.

I mean how can he base his self-worth on what someone else does. I don't care who does not immediately answer the phone, I would not act that way. I would not think that someone is ignoring me based on 2 calls made within 24 hours. I could have been dead, sick, or just busy. I try to be open to men, but I can't figure out why I am getting these loonies.

2 more true stories from the ATL...


Ms Stella said...

I don't miss dating. But stay up girl, there are some good ones out there and at least you found out that those two were "critical" before it got serious.

sunsail said...

Stupid question: Are you KIDDING????? WTF????

Meikmeika said...

I'm with Ms Stella, atleast your realized from the get go those two guys weren't worth your time.

I still can't believe the Salad bar guy sent you a picture of his are so strange sometimes.

As for Stretch...he should have taken into consideration he wasn't on your top priority list that day. Again, it's good his true colors came out early.

Naturally Sophia said...

Not kidding and "critical" indeed.

Renea said...

Thank goodness you didn't waste another second on either of those guys. They both seem to have some issues they needed to deal with before they got involved with other people. A man who sends ahem, pictures to the woman he's interested in rather than talking to her in person about what might come next definitely has some problems. And a man that explodes because you haven't gotten to his messages, well it probably was neither the first nor the last time his anger erupted.