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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Right Stuff: Mac Foundation I was looking for a full coverage foundation because I ran out of the NC50 I usually use. I need full coverage to hide scars from acne and some facial hair that result from PCOS. TMI! I know but you were wondering why. Anyway,I was reduced to using Mary Kay in the meantime. ugh....

I finally made my was to MAC, and the Asian makeup artist told me that the NC50 was too ashy and recommended NW43 which was way too red as I am a cool with yellow undertones.

So then I returned it to another store and Keisha, a sistah, told me that both colors were wrong. She hooked me up with a combination of a cream foundation, Studio Tech, NC55 and Studio Fix, NC50 in a powder form. Apart of the problem was the application and technique. I was applying it without using a cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing routine. Yes, I finally have a skin routine.

As far as the technique, foundation is best applied with brushes to conserve the product and for an even application. So, in addition to the powder foundation brush I already have, I invested into a brush for cream foundation.
So, now I'm happy. My skin is getting the right stuff... oh-oh-o-ohh- the right stuff. I know I'm not the only one that remembers New Kids On The Block.


Meikmeika said...

Sadly I remember New Kids on The Block..Remember when they changed their name to NKOTB thinking it would be cooler???LOL!!

I still have yet to learn how to use make-up. I'm just trying to find the right products to keep my skin as clear as possible. I have a slight case of eczema and so many products have caused my face to break-out.

1997, My High School Prom, my friend helped me put on make-up and that was the last time I wore it...WOW!! Isn't it sad? I do wear lipstick on occasion though..

Congratulations on finding a good facial regimen!

Anonymous said...

I probably need to have a consultation with a SISTAH at the Mac counter myself. I use Select Shades NW35 and Studio Fix NW43. A BIG diffence in numbers, so my guess is either one is too light or one is too dark. Not sure which. They do blend really well, but I wonder if I went back to just see what they'd suggest if a sistah would pic out the same combination for me.

Things that make me say, "Hmmmm...."

brunsli said...

I have that foundation brush -- and got my mom & sister hooked on it too.

Isn't it great that MAC has so many choices? Just a few years ago, there was hardly anything out there for us.


AMAZONIA said...

its so hard finding the right foundation for your face. took me forever. but i found mine as well.

Naturally Sophia said...

Meikmeika- Make sure you check with your dermatologists before you try anything.

Anonymous- A 2nd opinion never hurts

All- I just love MAC. Mac ushered the beginning of foundations that matched all skin. Early models of color, like Iman had to make their own foundation and bring it with them. I'm glad we have it, but it's sad it took so long.

Luscious Librarian said...

I used to be in love with MAC until I found Bare Minerals. I know the infomercial is cheesy, but it really does what it claims and I tend to have sensitive skin.

Anonymous said...

I co-sign Bare Minerals. I provides even coverage for dark skin (and all shades of black skin) WITHOUT excessive chemicals and irritation. I have chocolate brown skin with red undertones and am always complemented on how flawless and beautiful my skin is. I always recommend Bare Minerals. (my shade is Deepest Deep/SPF 15 sunscreen). LOVE IT!