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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Retightening All by Myself: A 3 Tool Journey

Here is an update on my DIY project for my SLs.

1. The first tool I purchased is this tool called a latch hooker. It's similar to a crochet hook except it has a loop on one end of it. You slip the loop over the end of the lock and pull it thru in the pattern of your choice. In the sisterlocks world, I have a reverse 4. I prefer to use this pattern or an "X" pattern where I insert the tool in the root of my hair at the end of each line on the "X".
Here are some pics of me using it. 2. The second tool I purchased is the crochet hook. I later had my dad drill holes in the base of it after I had a hard time gripping the lock with the hook. First, I insert my lock in the hole of the tool and then I insert the hook back thru my loc. Easy! I had my dad drill 3 holes because I have shorter locs around my hairline and longer locs in the back. So, it was built to accommodate the varied lengths of my hair.

3. The last tool and favorite tool by far is the latch hook tool. I like this tool because it's the easiest to use. I slip it thru the root and grab the end of my loc. See the pic. Then I pull the tool holding the end of my loc through the root/base of my lock.

I absolutely love the DIY thing because I have never really had a good retightening session. I am still going to make an appointment with a consultant eventually, preferably Carmen. Thoughts, questions, comments?


onyxcherry said...

Hey Sophia,

Yes,we should meet for lunch sometime. Shoot me an email through the link on my profile page and we'll set it up. As far a retightening tool I commend you for trying a lot of different tools. I can bring my nappylocs tool to lunch for you to try so you can get yet another point of view as far as tools go.

See you soon,


muslimahlocs said...

thanks for posting the pictures of the tools. i have only seean and used the official sisterlocks tools so i refrain from commenting about any of the others that are out there now. they each look to be about twice the length of the sisterlocks hook tool. is that correct? i think that the hook tool the easiest to use (for me) because of its size and method of use. unlike the sisterlocks clip tool and some of the others, you do not have to loop the tool through the hair which to me adds extra time and movement to the process. with the hook tool you just stay at the base of the lock and don't have all of that excess movement. did that make sense?

Meikmeika said...

So many tools to choose from to DIY...

I've decided I will discuss my DIY concerns with my consultant so I can get her point of view and maybe I can pay her for a retightening course earlier than next year...

Did you retighten your whole head and if so how long did it take?

Thanks for posting pics of the tools!

Renea said...

Sophia, I have to say I'm confused. Why go to all the trouble of threading each lock when you could just use the hook tool? And that latch hook with the fat bottom and 'death door' looks like a disaster waiting to happen to
Do you. But I think you could go a lot faster with a hook tool.

Naturally Sophia said...

@ onyxcherry
I will e-mail you.

They are much larger. And what you are saying does make sense.

Half of my head took about 4 hours my first try. But I am quicker now though I can not foresee trying to tackle the whole head all at once.

It's not as scary as it seems. The tools are large. And looping my hair is a pain. But I have not taken the SL retightening class, so I have been experimenting. Honestly, I think the class could be a waste of money since I already know my pattern. And you are supposed to take the class to get the tool. So until I can acquire an SL tool, I will be experimenting with other tools.

I have had a hard time finding and keeping a good consultant in Atlanta. And they all suggest going every month. So, this project started because I had to do it by myself or go 8 weeks with no retightening. With my hair texture, that may as well be 3 months. :)

Renea said...

Thank goodness they added the follow-up feature to the comment box. The closest thing to a hook tool would be a very small crochet hook--not a latch. I had to use a crochet hook a couple of times and it worked just fine. I could explain how to use it if you want to try.

blackrussian said...

Follow-up IS the best. I love it!

I'm glad you are having positive experiences with DIY. I STILL can't fathom the latch hook, but if it's working for you, I'm not gonna knock it.

Still loving my nappylocs tool. I used it just last night.

Incidentally, I was visiting my consultant earlier this week while she was retightening a client's hair and I FINALLY understand how the hook tool works!

That's NOT what I went for. I was over there to talk to the client about an unrelated issue, but I watched while she was working.

I think I understood better because I have retightened my own a few times. But it just clicked. I saw what she was doing and it didn't look like magic.

Now I can see why people who HAVE mastered the hook tool swear by it. It's not really as difficult as it seems at first.

BUT will I come up off the money to take the class and get the tool?

Nope. Not in the foreseeable future.

mimi said...

I think you are ingenious and innovative. Very creative with the crochet tool :o) As a matter of fact, I was looking for my crochet needle this morning to tighten up my locks. I do not have sister locks. So I normally tighten up my locks by retwisting the roots. However, I started doing a summer camp in which I take the kids swimming 2 days a week for 3 hour per day. I gotta admit that I had forgotten how much fun it is to go swimming. Not to mention that I am getting a ridiculous amount of exercise. So I don't want to give it up even after camp, but I can't do my hair every other day and I don't want to go around looking a hot mess. I think that crocheting is the way to go for me so I am going to try it.

Wish me luck!

By the way does anyone know where I could get a swim cap for locks? My hair is thick and down to the middle of my back, so I need a larger one than what is sold at Target or Walmart.

Anonymous said...

but you could jus use your hand....i do...same thing..much easier actually than hacing to drill holes n such.