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Monday, October 8, 2007

Martine and the Magic Weave

Martine is a lovely, eloquent Sisterlock consultant who I first met through my sister at another hair show. I had the honor of spending time with her at the hair show, and she told me this story. She visited West Africa some time ago. And there like here, sistahs inquired about her hair. Martine said that they could not believe her hair was indeed her natural hair. She stated she invited them to take a look at her hair and feel it to see for themselves. The women touched it, looked at each other, conferred in their language, and reported back that it was some special American weave. They said that she tried to trick them and they couldn't be fooled saying that Martine would not tell them how it was attached. Martine said, in retrospect, she wished she had brought her natural hair tools to show them. In humid, 110 degree whether they have weaves and wigs piled high on there heads.
It's sad to see, but Black women in Atlanta are no different. On any summer day here, averaging over 90 degrees, there are women with jacked up weaves, wigs, and etc. I want all my sisters over the diaspora to wake up. The natural you is better than the fake someone else.

Yes, this is a pic of someone who decided air out their weave. Well, at least they washed it. Maybe they sweated the glue out from the heat. My source told me the pic is from Atlanta or is it Africa?


blackrussian said...

You know, I was in Miami in July and it was about 110 degrees and what did I see?...all kinds of weave. Even with the GOOD ones, all I could think was how HOT they must be and how sweaty and unhygenic underneath...and just plain uncomfortable.

Like wearing a wooly fuzzy hat in the middle of summer! A hat that you can't take off!

I was lovin' my locks tho'!

Lola Gets said...

Ok, that picture is hilarious! I was in Philly twice in October, and man, I saw nothin but weaves! IF you search for Philadelphia on my blog, you can read what I said about their oh-so-many weaves.