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Friday, September 7, 2007

YAY Whoopi!

I am proud of Whoopi standing up for Michael Vick on her first day on The View. In Atlanta, I feel that he was convicted before he even gave the guilty plea. Please don't misinterpret me. I am not condoning Michael Vick's behavior. If he was involved in harming or torturing animals, he was wrong. But all of us who have furs, leather bags or eat any sort of meat, especially veal, contribute to torturing animals and to the destruction of our rain forest and other natural habitats. This destruction then contributes to the extinction or near extinction of the animals who live there. Are these things not wrong? So since we have all contributed to torturing an animal at one point, let's not be so judgmental. I feel the media constantly is looking for the smallest thing to turn a seemingly positive Black person into a pariah. Here is what Ms. Whoopi said on The View:


Anonymous said...

I 100% disagree with you! First, I would love to say you and your sister locks are gorgeous.

Placing the animal’s rights issue to the side; I am sick and tired of people in our community condoning bad behavior of black celebrities and sports figures. Michael Vick is handsome brother who was blessed with an opportunity to make millions. Instead of him using his money, time and resources to better our community he chose to waste his energy on torturing and fighting animals.

As a community we need to start demanding more from black celebrities and sports figures. I refuse to take up for an individual who was given the opportunity to open up business, mentor programs and possibly schools. We need opportunities that ensure that our community prospers and Vick selfishly choose to continue to live the thug-life!! I completely turn my back on him!

Naturally Sophia said...

Thank you for posting & Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate your feedback. I do agree with what you say about creating opportunities that ensure that our community prospers. Again, I welcome your feedback anytime.

muslimahlocs said...

thanks for saving me the time looking for this clip.