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Saturday, September 1, 2007

What I'm Listening to Now- 4 J-Bizzle! Part 1

Dear J-Bizzle,

I am tired of you discovering music months after I have played the hell out of it. Laugh! And you are seriously slippin' on all the new tunes out and new releases coming out soon. So, here is your September music guide.

1. Common, Finding Forever- I enjoy every track of this album; I think you will too. Check the video for "Drivin' Me Wild"- Featuring Lily Allen, a British singer, who also has a pretty good album. My favorite Lily Allen video is "Smile", and if you ever check it out it will make you smile.

2.Talib Kweli- Eardrum- While many people think that this album is great, many others think it is passe'. I am somewhere in between. Because you are a Northerner, I know you appreciate true East Coast Hip Hop in a sea of ATLien music. This album is my break from the poor lyrical content that many Southern rappers produce. You be the judge:

3. You know I'm "unique" & often eccentric. Here is my musical indulgence into that side of my persona. M.I.A.-British Electronica-Album: Kala, Song: "Bird Flu", Video= outstanding. I told you brown people all over the world "Pop, Lock, & Drop It". Lol!

4. Janelle Monae-Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase; She is an ATLien with a clear, magnetic voice; and she is unique, soulful, and alternative all at the same time. She embodies Rock & Soul. Frankly, I'm tired of the affected, pitchy singing-at-but-not-hitting-the-note type of R & B out today. Listen to how classic and clear her tone is:

» Listen to Janelle Monae's Lettin' Go!
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5. Lastly, I am adding Pharoahe Monch to the list for the Desire album. Compared too the ish that is out right now, it's pretty good. I appreciate his rhyming cadence as a fellow poet. My friend's say "Body Baby" is the biggest mistake he could have made on the album. But, as always, be your own judge:


Linda said...

Great selection there my fellow Virgo/Pig (it just hit me)

muslimahlocs said...

clue me in...who is "j-bizzle"; or does it matter?