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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Texture a Natural Hair Interview

Mary Mack is a beautiful, curvy natural hair diva that I have the pleasure of working with especially because she is both professional and friendly. I want to thank Mary Mack for her time and participation in contributing to this blog.

NS: Why did you decide to go natural?
MM: I decided to have natural hair because there were people who didn't believe that a person with my complexion could have naturally curly hair
NS: How long ago did you go natural?
MM: In 1999, about 8 years ago
NS:What do you like best about having natural hair?
MM: I like the stunned looks I get from people! It's funny that people believe that so called "good hair" only comes on light skin or bi-racial blacks.
NS: What do dislike about it (natural hair)?
MM:Finding someone that can style it the way I want. Everyone loves to "play" in my hair, but no one can really style it.
NS:Ok. What did you find out about your hair that you didn't already know?
MM: It has a mind of it's own!
NS: lol! Mine too.

NS:How do men respond to your natural hair as opposed to when you had a relaxer?
MM: My boyfriend loves my natural hair! He is admantly opposed to me relaxing it! I think he likes the compliments I get on my hair as much as I do. The reaction really isn't much different from then to now.
NS: You stated "opposed to me relaxing", are you considering a relaxer? If so, why?
MM: I consider a relaxing my hair every other week. Because I get tired of the ponytail, bun and braids. If I want to straighten my hair out it only lasts about 2 hrs, 4 max if I walk around with a handheld air conditioner. It would just be easier sometimes.
NS: Do you feel having natural hair effects your professional life? Is so, how?

MM: No, not at all!

NS:Your hair color is gorgeous. I love it! Is it natural?

MM:Thank you. It is not natural, bought at WalMart. It's Honey Blonde, but because my hair is so dark it comes out a golden red color. I wanted to go blonde but I liked this color better. I decided to stick with the accident.

NS: It looks very natural. And I think it compliments your skin perfectly. The accident was a pleasant surprise then.

MM: Yes it was!

NS: Do you have any tips for women transitioning to natural hair?

MM: It starts off pretty rough! hang in there, and you will love the end result!

NS: How did you go natural? Did you do the big chop or cut the ends off slowly?

MM: I've always had long hair so cutting it all off and starting over was not going to work for me. So I let it grow and slowly cut it off. For a while I had a half 'n half thing going on. Half curly, half straight.

NS:lol- What styles did you wear at the time?

MM: One big afro-puff

NS: Sounds very fly

MM: "I rocks rough and stuff with my afro puff..."LOL

NS: Do you have any products you like to use or product recommendations?

MM: I use TCB hair conditioner, mainly because its lighter and doesn't weigh my hair down.

NS:Which shampoo do you use and about how often do you wash your hair?

MM: (as far as products) I use a lot of conditioners too because my hair is like a sponge. I wash my hair every two weeks and I use Treseme deep cleaning.

NS: How does your family respond to your hair?

MM: They've been around since the beginning so they are used to it. And alot of my family has naturally curly/wavy hair so it's really no big deal.

NS: Thanks for your cooperation and time. I am trying to encourage being natural one head at a time.

MM: You're welcome. Gone girl, do your thang.


The Last King Of Scotland said...

natural hair is the ish

muslimahlocs said...

nice interview. mm's hair is beautiful. hmmm...mary mack, dressed in black, buttons up and down her back,...
i am guessing that is not her real name but taken from the song referenced above. is that so?

Xcentric Pryncess said...

good interview Sophia! I love her twists...My hair gets on my nerves some times too, but I wouldn't trade it for the world..I am too scared to do color though

aulelia said...

thank u 4 this. this is wicked to see another black lady with natural hair. looks great!!!

Naturally Sophia said...

Muslimahlocs- Mary Mack was taken from the song. I don't know if it has a relevance for her, but it's a screen name she uses...