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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fall Fashion Trends: An Ongoing Series- Numero Uno

THE WAIST IS BACK!!! Naturally, Sophia could not be more excited. I love my waist which remains smaller than the rest of me thanks to God and mom's DNA. More on that later...This fall is all about the waist. This means hi-waist pants & jeans, wide waist grazing belts, and my personal favorite: shirts and dresses that accent the waist.

I just bought my size 16 Hi-Waist jeans from Old Navy. They are dark blue and have a wide leg adding the illusion of a smaller waist. Although I would not wear my jeans as tight as Eve's on the left, it's still a very good look. I am so tired of low waist pants and jeans showing that infamous panties/booty peek combo and pudgy waistlines.

Then there are dresses which are my most favorite thing to wear. There are a whole lot of kimono styles and wrap dresses that are the most flattering to the female form. Even better, wrap dresses look good on all body types. They show off curves and hide them where/if necessary, and the wrap dress creates shape when needed. I prefer below the knee styles. However, there are a variety of lengths, fabrics, and colors at every price range.

Here are some wide belt options:
I like using the texture and print to play up the outfit, but nothing beats neutrals. They are safe and look expensive even when the materials aren't. Happy Shopping!


naadii salaam said...

great post!
i too am a huge fan of the waist and an even huger fan of the wrap dress.
love love love dian von furstenburg dresses!

not too sure about the high waisted jeans, but would be open to trying.

good reminder about the belts, gotta get on ebay, a great place to find killer belts!

peace sista!

blackrussian said...

All the more reason for me to lose this weight! I've always had a great waist. I'm used to being a petite hourglass. And now it's just like it never was. I am SO ready to wear these ultra feminine styles!

Meikmeika said...

I love the way the high waisted pants look but I know they're not for me. I do like clothing that accentuates my waist but since my stomach surgery I haven't been able to wear pants that sit over the scar, it gets all puffy, red, and sore (I know TMI) but this was a great post!!!

As for the low waisted pants, they are my best friend since they are less likely to touch the scar....LOL!!!

Aquarian Thoughts said...

I love the high-waisted pants just as much as I love skinny jeans. I too am so over the low riders. . . I never had a pair that fit my behind and waist and I'm fairly petite.

Renea said...

I just bought the same pair of jeans Eve is wearing there....Well, the cheap knock-off version, lol.
I can't wear the low-riders... I get "plumber's butt" TMI?
I am also all about my skinny jeans...I got them at Old Navy...the Diva Cut!