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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall Fashion:An Ongoing Series- Bright Eyez

There are a few serious make-up trends going on right now that I really like. My most favorite is the super bright eye because I really like the shift in fashion from the natural, subtle eye makeup to the wild eye makeup. The colors really pop against my chocolate skin and Kelis' too. See below:

Here is the safest application for you lovelies who are not make-up savvy:Here are my personal favorites for eyeshadows. Remember with brights more is more when you have brown skin. The less you put on, the less noticeable it will be. HIP by L'oreal is awesome and cheap at your local drugstores:

And here are a few more products I like from MAC:

Eyeshadows: Clarity, Goldmine, and Amber Lights

I also love the eyeliners and mascara from MAC. My sensitive eyes don't tear when I use it. I recommend it for sensitive sorts.

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