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Friday, August 3, 2007

Tag, I'm It! 8 things about moi!

1. My favorite color is green. It has been for as long as I can remember. Right now I most love pistachio green. But I also appreciate emerald, jade, sea green, and grass green. It makes me think of renewal and life.

2.My favorite song is 99 Luftballons. I don't speak German or like anything German in particular. But I remember this as a kid; and it was my first ring tone. ; )

3. I can tolerate all things from my loved ones except betrayal. The first time anyone betrays me typically is their last.

4. I really don't like kissing on the mouth and never have. In my household, it was a definite no no. No one ever kissed anyone on the mouth. Now, I don't even like it from a date or a boyfriend. It is a rare occasion that I will indulge/divulge in kissing. But you can have a kiss though:

5. I believe in astrology. Each time I meet someone as a friend or date, I analyze them according to both their Western and Chinese signs. I am a Virgo Pig, an indulgent perfectionist indeed. Most of the time I find that what your sign indicates about you is true.

6. I am the baby of 6 siblings. Here is my dad and sister. Yes my sister has sisterlocks; she was the one of the first people I saw personally with sisterlocks.

7. I have a 7 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, and she is weird as hell. I wonder if dogs are really like their owners? Her name is Lady...middle name Bug. Anyway, she can sound like she is crying', bow-wowin "I love you". She will hide my undies under my bed if I have been a bad pet and stayed away too long from the house. She likes to ride in the car but doesn't always want to go to the park or out for a walk. I have gotten all our things and drove 20 minutes for her to fight with me about getting out of the car. We have walked, and then she will just sit down and stop. She is so quirky. She licks my feet when I am in bed and she wants something. I could go on and on. Lol!

8. I have always had natural hair (not chemically straightened). I wore wigs, weaves, dyes, and and flat ironed. However, for the most part, I wore my hair "wild and free".

Thanks for inviting me AquarianThoughts.


Meikmeika said...

Your dog sounds wonderful!!! I honestly do think pets are a reflection of their owners. My cat is clumsy and always hungry just like me....LOL!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Carmen In NC said...

Ciara starts off her attention getting routine with the puppydog eyes, wet nose nudge, cooing, pacing - then it escalates to near mauling. By the time she gets to wet nose nudge, I'm so paranoid that she's going pull out a butterfly knife to cut me and then relieve herself on the carpet, that I jump right up.

I like 99 Luft Balloons too. I would get sad at the end of the song when it slows down.

I like green and it looks good on my skin, but I have only one green shirt and it's worn out.

Thanks for sharing your life facts.

SistaLocd said...

I just wanted to say thank you again for sharing that information on pregnant it was really helpful.

Carmen In NC said... I didn't know there was a German version and had to google the translations. The German version is slightly different from the English, but similar. Check the link out for the lyrics.

CHIC NOIR said...

Good list.

Naturally Sophia said...

Thank you all for replying.

Carmen in NC- I appreciate the side by side of the lyrics. I had not seem them in awhile and forgot what they meant. Thank you for reminding me of why I like the German version best. They lyrical content is so much better. :)