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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Paris and Nicole- Why Blackface?

So, I am crawling into bed from a local hot spot, turn on the tele, and remove my eye makeup to see Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie dressing up as Black women to do a play or skit on the Simple Life. I am somewhat shocked. And I feel hot and tired. So, I turn off the T.V. to get some Zzzs.

But I wake up thinking about a clip I saw awhile back; Paris is hurling racial slurs in a drunken stupor. In case you haven't seen this, here it is below. Also, why does Nicole have on an Afro wig? Why does Paris have this paint on a few shades darker than Lindsay Lohan's last tan?


Meikmeika said...

I wonder what the purpose of the show was but can't tolerate watching those two on television.

muslimahlocs said...

even more confirmation as to why i do not have or watch le tele.