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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Naturally, Sophia Needs Glasses

Ok... readers I need glasses. I was standing on my friend's porch who lives in a very posh area of Atlanta. I commented about the house across the street being for sale. She looked, and replied that it wasn't a real estate sign but rather a sign supporting a local transit rail project. I was too embarrassed. A month prior, my brother and I went to the drive-in. We had to sit in the front at the movies because I couldn't see. How embarrassing! I am tired of having to read a book 2 inches away from my face and noticing how signs blur from a distance. lol!

Well, I don't have a very big face; but it is round because I am a tad chubby right now. In my smaller days, my face was more diamond shape thanks to my dad's cheekbones. Now, I need frames that slim my face. They have to be stylish and just don't know what frames to pick.

I am thinking of getting clear contacts as a back-up if I can tolerate them being on my eyes. I can't stand it when brown-skin people wear colored contacts. To me, it's on par with weaves and such. But I would like to have them for days and nights when I want to play up my eyes with my extensive eye makeup.

So, dear readers, which glasses do you like???

Metal, Rimmed Versace:

Cat-Eye, Plastic/Metal Bebe:

My Favorite: Plastic, Square Prada!

Just for the bling factor! Caviar:


Peajai said...

Plastic square Prada! Rectangular glasses slim a round face. Spoken by someone who has much experience in this area and some lovely new black retangular Ferragamo.

Cluizel said...

I am partial to the prada ones too...and since my frames are miu miu they would be related. lol.

So glasses are the only things I am brand aware about. lol

Meikmeika said...

I'm in LOVE with the PRADA!!! I'm in need of some new glasses and I now have a style to think about, if they look well with my face. I've always preferred plastic to metal frames.

I usually get a pair of glasses, since mine are a bit more expensive then your average, when I visit the eye doctor. I'm blind as a bat and fear for my life when I can't find my glasses in the morning. It's really sad and I've been thinking about LASIK. You should get a pair of glasses and contacts. You will have to be able to put the contacts on yourself before the eye doctor will let you leave with them though.

Goodnapps said...

Lasik - it's been 3 years and I still love it!

Renea said...

I wasn't too keen on the Caviars, but the other three are fab!

SistaLocd said...

Don't we all. I must admit. I love the Prada ones as well. They look similar to my glasses. I used to wear contacts all the time but I had to give them a break. I'm thinking about Lasik too (Meikmeika). The sun is really hot down here and I miss wearing my shades. Go for the Prada ones!

aulelia said...

join the glasses club! i have been wearing them for too long lol.