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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's My Anniversery: 3 Months with Sisterlocks!!!

Today is my 3 month anniversary having Sisterlocks. I just love having Sisterlocks. Here's why:
1. I can wake up in the morning and do nothing to my hair and still look great.

2. I can style my hair very easily. Before Sisterlocks, it took hours to do my hair in a style at the salon. And then it would only last for a few days or 1 week. Now, I do my own hair and it doesn't take that long despite my 490 SLs and last as long as I want it to last. I have done roller sets overnight that lasted for a week.

3.I can do pretty updos. For the first time ever, I like wearing my hair up!

4. Besides retightening, the maintenance is low. I must admit, when I wash my hair I don't band it anymore. I also don't sleep with a satin cap. Shame on me, but I like the freedom.

5. I can wear hair accessories, and they look right for a change. Before Sisterlocks, my hair was so huge that accessories got lost in the poof of my hair. Or it just looked like too much. Now, I have accumulated several hair accessories that I use regularly.

6. My mom finally accepted my hair...I think. The other day, she asked how long would I wear my like that. I said, "For life". She said, "Ok, Cleopatra". I was all smiles.

7. With Sisterlocks, I have officially had every natural hairstyle I can think of: braids, traditional locs, afros, braid-outs, cornrows, etc. However, I think I like Sisterlocks the best; I don't think I could have the appreciation I have for them without having the other hairstyles.

There are a few things I don't like about Sisterlocks. I don't like the dependency of having to have someone else do my hair until they loc. I can't wait to do my own retightenings.

I don't like that certain people associate Sisterlocks with braids, being snobbish, or with an unnatural hairstyle. I had a sistah tell me that although she liked my hair, Sisterlocks go against the natural curl pattern and that the cylinder is natural whereas interlocking isn't. I pulled out a strand of my hair. I showed her that my hair doesn't have a cylinder pattern but an "S" pattern. I told her all cultivated locs are manipulated and wished her luck.

Also, not really related to Sisterlocks, I am sick of people saying that my Sisterlocks look good because I have "good hair". I usually say thank you and tell them that a variety of textures look good with Sisterlocks.

I am also tired of being badgered about how much SLs cost and if/why they are permanent. It amazes me that a woman will pay $300 for a weave or braids that last for, at most, 2 months. She will get the weave/braids redone at least 6 times. 6 x $300= $1800 for 1 year. Once I reach my year mark with SLs, I will not have spent nearly this much. And outside of the initial costs, SLs are relatively affordable.

In addition, people always are asking me about how to take them out and when will I take them out. I tell them that I won't for many years if ever. They usually tell me my hair looks nice immediately followed by a question about how to remove them. I use the relaxer analogy; you don't get relaxers to then remove the straight hair. I tell them it's the same way with locs. Most people still look clueless so I refer them to the Sisterlocks site.
or click the link on the right to Consultant Jacqueline's Fotki page to see install pics.

Bottomline, I love my Sisterlocks!


Cluizel said...

Congrats! Your hair looks great!

I think the dumb questions may come with your hair when I started everyone KNEW I was locking and never asked when I was taking it out...with my Mom she got the "how are you going to take that out?" all the after a year people see her hair and now it finally textures I suppose...oh...and silly people. :-)

Lola Gets said...

Lookin good! Since I have been reaidng your, and other, blogs about Sisterlocs, Ive been toying with the idea of getting them. However, the cost is a deterrent for me right now. But Im keeping in mind for later!

Helga said...

You go girrrl! Your hair looks great AND you are setting people straight about their misconceptions. You will be tightening your own hair in no time!

Goodnapps said...

I didn't know you were a SL newbie. Well congrats on your 3 month mark. Your hair looks very lovely. In my 2 years with SLs I've seen and heard every single issue you raise.

It just so happens I had a conversation this morning with a coworker of mine that went like this:

Coworker: I just love your hair. But you know everybody can't wear those.

Goodnapps: I beg to differ. Anybody can wear these.

Coworker: What do you mean?

Goodnapps: The only ones who can't wear them are those who are not ready to wear them.

Coworker: Oh I guess I see what you mean. I guess that's probably my problem.

Goodnapps: yeah..sigh

Coworker: Well you have a good day sweety.

For anybody who wants info on Sisterlocks as a potential option, I am more than willing to give it. But I'm not dealing with the foolishness any more. I hold absolutely nothing against my coworker. She is very sweet. I know it is fear of what other people think and say that drive those kind of statements.

muslimahlocs said...

hey mami. que guapa! your hair looks phenomenal and i love the picture with the flower. an awesome smile always helps too :-}. i have to say "amin" to goodnapps comment about folks who are just not ready. maybe their time will come. or not.

Cocoanaps said...

Your Sisterlocks are very pretty on you! Be Blessed and thank you for the comment you left on my blog Peace Love and Nappiness!

Meikmeika said...

Look at all that hair!!! Congratulations!!! Your hair looks GOOD!!!

Everyone knew I had locks after my first install with the exception of my Caucasian co-workers who couldn't believe in the permanence...

SistaLocd said...

Congrats on your 3 month Anniversary. Your sisterlocks are looking good!

Xcentric Pryncess said...

Congrats on your 3 month anniversary...they look great....also I love the site...consider me a new reader..

Aquarian Thoughts said...

Okay, I have to admit I don't know what sisterlocs are. About 5 years ago after wearing twists and a fro, my hubbie and brother convinced me to go ahead and loc my hair {I did it on New Year's Eve} and it's been loced ever since. Right now my hair is about midway down my back but I can remember the convo's that went similar to goodnapps when I started locing it. There are many misconceptions about having locs, even some that I wish were true, such as them being low maintenance . . . You still have to wash and retwist and oil and condition to maintain a healthy head . . . They get pretty heavy too . . .

You look great though, congrats!

CapCity said...

lovely locs! i came by because i saw on Sistah Xcentric's blog that u r a Djimon fan. So, i had to come over and ask - HAVE U SEEN his NEW CALVIN ads? Oh, that man is BUTTA Baby! WHEW!

aulelia said...


Naturalist1 said...

Your hair looks awesome!!!!

Naturally Sophia said...

@ Aquarian Thoughts: Sisterlocks are a method of locing that involves interlocking with a tool. For more info, go to

@ All- Thank You Very Much!!!

Miss Twists said...

Congratulations on your 3-month anniversary. said...

i just got sisterlocks will be 4 weeks on monday. can't wait for length to become more what styles can you get for meduim length hair. anybody have suggestions thanks