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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dress Code: No Tight Clothing

Pet Peeve Numero Uno:
Do not wear tight clothing ever, especially to work. This looks ridiculous. The fashion police need to arrest these women. They make Spanx, girdles, and clothing up to a size 28. There is no reason to have this; tight clothing causes nerve damage and yeast infections and possibly...blindness to those who have to look at it.


Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!! LOL!!! Is this real??? Rule #1 - We all must learn to accentuate our beauty. Whatever that may be. And not to enhance our defects. This picture definitely shows a giant defect and should self-destruct!! LOL


Meikmeika said...


blackrussian said...

Sometimes I see people and think: do you OWN a mirror?

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