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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Life as a Vegetarian Part Deux

So, to add to the things I've been doing again...locs, working out, and now becoming vegetarian with aspirations of being a vegan. Today, I have had egg beaters, a biscuit, and 2 oranges. I'm off to a good start. I came across an awesome book, Becoming Vegan; it tells you the best foods to supplement and which diets/vitamins work best for your eating habits.

I am trying this again because I've gained a considerable amount of weight since I started eating meat again and I feel better with a veggie diet. Lastly, I know it sounds strange. But I just don't want meat in my locs.

My desire for dinner:
Pad Thai (light tofu, no chicken)


Bygbaby said...

It takes a very committed person to live a vegan life style so I wish you much success on this quest. I used to work at Whole Foods a few years back in the Bakery & it was interesting watching vegans etc try to find something they could eat.

If push came to shove, I could be a vegetarian but I don't know about being vegan, I love me some eggs LOL


Naturally Sophia said...

Byg- LOL I used to love real eggs, but the last time I ate them the smell made me sick. I am happy with egg beaters. I will miss fish/seafood. I am considering not giving it up, but I want about 85% of my diet to be plant based. Thanks for the feedback.

SistaLocd said...

I found a new blog to lurk upon. I am also in the process of becoming a vegetaria and then vegan. I had no idea what this lifestyle consisted of so I went out and bought a couple of books so I can research it. I have that book I plan on reading it next when I finish my first oneI'm not a big meat eater howefer I do love dairy products especially cheese.I've already made the decision to become a vegetarian however now I'm trying to decide when to start!

Naturally Sophia said...

Sistaloc'd- I tried to e-mail you, but didn't see it on your blog. It's important to know what the lifestyle consist of before you start and why you are commiting to it. It is a marriage like commitment. Your entire lifestyle will change. There are Black veggie societies here in Atlanta for classes, food, and guidance. I am sure there are some veggie societies in your neck of the woods. Also, Queen Afua's Sacred Woman may give you some insight spiritually.

Stay Blessed,

Meikmeika said...

I know I'm commenting on this one late but congrats on trying to get back to a veggie lifestyle. I know it can be hard.

For me I had to go cold turkey or it just wouldn't happen. I'm already lactose intolerant so taking dairy out of my diet wasn't too hard. I only miss certain foods when I'm in group settings, like at parties where the host has provided the food but there's no fruit or veggies or work gatherings and they've ordered everyone pizza....LOL!!! As you can probably tell by my blog I'm a foodie and determined to make sure all my cravings and taste buds are taken care of.

I look forward to reading more about your Locs and Vegetarian Journey.