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Friday, July 6, 2007

My Brother is NOT the Father

My brother, who I have diagnosed as a sociopath, has a new just turned 21 year old girlfriend with 5 kids under 5. She is nearly homeless, and receives no support from any of the fathers. Are my "brother" and I related? I am livid with him. Has he lost his mind? He can not afford to support anyone, especially 6 girls. I am sad for her but upset with her. How could you make the same mistake 5 times?!!!! It's crazy. And I don't understand why? Am I the insane one?

I just don't understand what someone with no kids has in common with someone with 5 babies. I don't understand it. I pray not to be so judgmental, but they are driving me and my parents crazy. I wish their real dads would stop running. That way this girl would not have to cling on so tightly to my bro. I wish he would just pursue his education further and move on please. Am I my brother's keeper?


Bygbaby said...

Well I will say one thing. Homegirl must be putting it down good on your brother & if he is not careful, he will be baby daddy #6. Did you hear about Ricky Lakey (

Maybe your brother & my sister should hook up! LOL


Naturally Sophia said...

Ricky Lakey- that's crazy and no I didn't hear about it.

Your sister and my brother. It just sounds like a Jerry Springer story waitng to happen. LOL!


Meikmeika said...

I would feel the same way if my brother were dating someone with 5 children that were not his.

She could have your brother under a spell...How long have they known one another?

Could just be lust and after a while he may move on

Bygbaby said...

Give your brother her number, is is 777-9311 on if he wants to spend the night LOL.Bygbaby

Carmen In NC said...

WOW. Send him condoms and tell him to put two on at a time. I knew if I had children I'd find a nice man. Ok, that's not nice. But sometimes it does seem that way. I'll just play the so pitiful role so the guys will feel like heroic and come to my rescue. Tell him to do the right thing and just pray for him.