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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heartbreaker Decepticon- Top 5 songs

I had to listen to these for me. Walking away is hard to do. But staying is harder.

1. Take Another Piece of My Heart- Mary J. Blige
Her passion is why I chose this one. She sings like someone who has been hurt and truly understands the words. God knows I do.

2.I Don't Know Why- Stevie Wonder
I feel like I wrote this one.

3.Bag Lady- Erykah Badu
Because I can't carry you around anymore.

4. Baby Can I Hold You- Tracy Chapman
You know why...This is so you H.D.

5. Missing You- Tina Turner
Because "I ain't missing you."


Goodnapps said...

Would this have anything to do with your dilemma?

Naturally Sophia said...

LOL- Goodnapps- You know it does. Music and art were my firsts. So I use them to get over and thru stuff. I think it's not a dilemma anymore, just something else to accept.

Renea said...

Sounds like somebody might not want There's no wrong answer, just do what your heart tells you.