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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why I am Glad I Watched the BET Awards- Model Ajuma

So, I am lamenting over the "bafoonery" at the Source, Vibe, I mean 2007 BET Awards. Then, I saw her for the second time. There she was illuminating in the Target commercial between the awards show. I saw her once before in the now defunct Suede magazine. And yes, I was smitten even then. I swore to myself this time I would know her name. Ajuma Nasanyana, is a breathtakingly beautiful supermodel. I adore her lips and skin tone, grace and beauty. Won't you admire her with me?


Carmen In NC said...

She's my new Grace Jones. I wanted to be Grace Jones for her sexiness, boldness, her beauty, skin tone. She's like Superwoman. My dad loved that woman in Bond. I had a book, "Black Beauty" with her on the cover. Nobody recognized her. He glanced at it, "Oh, Grace Jones."

Naturally Sophia said...

I know. She has a softness that I have rarely seen in Grace Jones pics though they are somehow similar. I would love to have Ajuma's lips. OMG! Gorgeous!!!