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Monday, June 4, 2007

Week 1 with Sisterlocks

1. I did not anticipate how many people would ask me questions. I thought my close friends and family would be mildly curious. But their questions are so thorough that I can't even answer most of them. And then, strangers have not stopped asking questions and touching my hair, usually without permission. Although I am flattered by this, it needs to stop. I don't want to seem snobbish, but it feels weird to have so many people touching my hair.

2. My hair has curled naturally all over now. I am pleased about this because initially it looked much straighter than I'm used to seeing. I missed my poofiness. See poofiness to the right.

3. I don't know if it's a Black, Southern thing; but I have gotten some opposition to my hair. Some of my family, friends and co-workers have expressed that if they had "good" hair that they would not loc it although they say they like natural hair. I think to myself, if I had naturally kinky hair, I would not have a relaxer. I also challenge their perception of good. I usually do this by asking if they believe in God. They typically say yes. I go on to ask if God is good. I usually get a yes also. I then say, if God is good, how can a gift from God be bad. I also gently tell them I like locs and have had them in the past.
I took out my ~100 locs because of my mother's disapproval. This time, regardless of the scolding she gave me, they are staying. I have to be who I am. The more I am myself, the more prepared I am for life. I feel encouraged and empowered. Besides I like not washing and styling or combing and brushing my hair everyday. I used one of my old brushes to clean the bathroom sinks this weekend. I love not using it on my hair. It's freedom!!!
4. I forgot to include my hair stats and hairstory! My hair is a 3B in type. It is naturally jet black. I have 490 Sisterlocks that are small/micro. I only have micros around my hairline in the front. I have worn weaves, wigs, braids, and every color imaginable. Typically, I wore my hair in a natural poof, a bun (chignon) , or straightened with a ceramic iron or hot comb.

5. I am happy that I did my research beforehand. Jacqueline did an awesome job and provided good information. Check out how detailed the parting and sizing is. I am also happy that I have realistic expectations about what to expect and what to do. I don't feel I would have that info without doing the research first.


brunsli said...

Your hair looks great!!!

I also hate the random touching and when some people act like I don't have a right to lock my hair because of its texture. I feel like saying -- well, then you come to my house and maintain my relaxed hair then! No thank you!

Please be sure to pull out any bunching after washing. (Some unsolicited advice because you solicited some before.)

Tra said...

Your new babies look great. I am excited to watch your progress. Keep posting (says the woman who goes month w/o doing so)!

sunsail said...

holy crap, girl, that is some hair on your head!! It looks wonderful!! welcome, and enjoy the journey!! :)

Cheleski aka KnottyAuthor Kicken The Truth said...

ha-this is good for me to re-read years at week 1. it's been interesting!