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Thursday, June 14, 2007

F#@kery & Fools- Sophie & the Single Life

The greatest thing about being single is the freedom and the possibility that any positive thing can happen romantically at anytime. However, as of late, nothing good has happened. I am completely feed up with the dating scene, moreover the fools that I end up dating. I am in a catty mood. Meow! No...Roar!

Introducing Fool #1, Bama Bachelor, we dated for a month. Things were going great. He called everyday and said/did all the nice things. He then says, " I am going out of town, but call me at this number while I am away." I call him and he ignores/avoids all my calls/voice mails. I call from another number; and when he recognizes it's me, he avoids me!! Until yesterday, when he sends me some BS text and then changes his number. ARRRRRG!

Introducing Fool # 2, Liar Liar Pants on Fire, we dated a few times. He lied about having his 4 no 5 children. He wasn't really sure about the 3rd one. Initially, he said that he like myself had none. Grrrrr!


tai said...

*small giggle* i know i shouldn't be laffin', but u have quite the way with words regarding your current "social scene". don't think u're alone in THAT boat!

Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Tai,

I meant it as a joke. I appreciate you getting my humor. It's really a laughing matter.


Cluizel said... last dating experince sucked and I am NOT excited about jumping back in. As a matter of fact...I'll just stay right here